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Development of Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Conductive Fabric Current Collector

Development of Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Conductive Fabric Current Collector
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전도성 직물 집전체 기반 플렉시블 리튬이온배터리 개발
Park, Hae Won
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With the widespread of wearable devices in various fields such as smart watches, healthcare, and military industries, demand for wearable devices with advanced technologies has increased. At the moment, batteries, which are the major power source for wearable electronics, are being considered to be one of the causes of slowing the development of wearable devices, because of the restricted shape of the batteries. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a battery that has enough flexibility and safety required for wearable electronics and can operate for a long time. In this study, we developed flexible batteries with high areal capacity by employing conductive fabrics as current collectors. The conductive fabrics are advantageous in that they have high electronic conductivity and weaved structure just like normal fabrics, which is beneficial for integrating with the active layer as well as their flexibility. The study has been divided into two concepts of high safety and high energy density. As a high-safety concept of flexible battery, LFP and LTO, which have low toxicity and high stability, are synthesized in nano-size and hybridized with 2D graphene template to further increase conductivity and flexibility. In the concept of high energy density targets, NMC and natural graphite were used to enhance energy density by increasing capacity and working voltage. The high-safety targeted batteries showed an areal capacity of 1.2 mAh cm-2 and stably operated even after subjected to repeated bending at a radius of 10 mm. The high-energy-density targeted cells not only had flexibility up to 30 mm, but also delivered high areal capacity of 1.96 mAh cm-2 and the energy density of 2.86 times higher than that of high-safety targeted cells.
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