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The Influence of Household Income on Children’s Outcomes in Korea

The Influence of Household Income on Children’s Outcomes in Korea
Songman Kang
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This paper analyses the influence of household income as well as the effects of mother’s mental health status on children outcomes. Using Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC), this research aims to ascertain evidence that household income has a significant influence on their children. The paper covers children physical growth state, health condition, temperament and interactive peer play in infancy and early childhood. As results of this study, it is found that household income is associated with children development when family’s background variables are controlled. The effect of measured dimension of income gaps across different outcomes; it turns up to get its main effect on children physical growth state, temperament and interactive peer play. In addition to results about children health condition, there is the relative lack of influence about the effect of household income. Even though household income normally has a general effect on several specific outcomes, it attributes to diverse sides of children well-being. In other words, financial power is important part in the life of children growing in capitalism. Also, I assume that mother mental health is affected by household income. Not only does family income take effect, but also mother’s mental health affects children’s development. Mother’s mental state includes depression, lethargy and anxiety. It implies that mental condition of mother has a significant role for their children especially children’s physical growth state and temperament. Furthermore, I consider that these findings in South Korea are also compared with other developed countries.
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