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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-0216S rRNA 유전자 분석방법을 이용한 동해 심해퇴적물 내 고세균 군집 다양성김보배
2013-021997/98년 겨울철 북서태평양 climate regime shift 연구: 모델링과 관측자료 분석조현수
2014-022001-2012 우리나라 연안 퇴적물과 이매패류 중 잔류성유기오염물질(POPs)의 공간 분포와 경년 변화김은교
2017-08Application of nitrogen isotope in amino acids for marine biogeochemistry and ecology최보형
2022Application of stable isotopes for marine zooplankton food web study: focused on jellyfish and euphausiid김희중
2015-08Bottom profile estimates using passive fathometer processing of ambient noise received by vertical nested array김정훈
2021Contamination and bioaccumulation of industrial persistent organic pollutants and their alternatives in the coastal environments of Korea이현경
2011-08Distribution and Biological Assessment of Organochlorines (OCs) and Organophosphorous pesticides (OPs) in the Mid-western Coast of Korea최진영
2015-08Ecological and biogeochemical processes in the Yeongsan River estuary, Yellow Sea김성한
2015-08Measurements and modeling of mid to high frequency bottom backscattering strengths손수욱
2015-08Microbial community structures associated with anaerobic carbon oxidation in the Ulleung Basin sediments, East Sea조혜연
2017-08Prioritization of organic contaminants in coastal and polar environments using non-target screening analysisSunggyu Lee
2007-02Side-aspect target strength of Black sea bream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) using multi-frequency system조성호
2010-08Sources and Distribution of Aliphatic and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon in Surface Sediments of Gyeonggi Bay바데죠아데고케
2010-08The characterization of the novel bacterial strains isolated from the surface sediment in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea, Korea아데오티아빔볼라
2018-08Use of long chain diols for developing a new paleo sea surface nutrient proxyGal, Jong-Ku
2013-02관측 및 모델 자료 분석을 통한 과거 천년동안 기후 변동성에 대한 자연 및 인위적 강제력의 역할 연구임형규
2014-02관측자료 분석과 지역기후 모델링을 통한 최근 서태평양 지역 해양-대기 상호작용 변화 연구장혜영
2012-08규조류 생체지표인 Diol을 활용한 극지해양 고수온 복원 연구전수아
2014-02기후 시스템 모델링을 이용한 ENSO-해양 생태계 상호작용 연구이기웅