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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022New Point-Cloud Image Fusion Network and Hardware Architecture Exploration for Object DetectionWenqi Zheng
2022Distributed Online Control for Random Access in IoT Networks지에리우
2022산업용 IoT 네트워크를 위한 OPC UA Synergy Platform 기반 통합아키텍처 제안 및 사례 연구이창대
2022Usability, Effectiveness Investigation, and Autonomous Robotic Operation of Vascular Interventional Robotic Systems송화섭
2022HVDC 전력기기의 절연 진단을 위한 DC 부분방전 측정 및 패턴 분석 기법 연구오동훈
2022Demand Response Management for Industrial Discrete Manufacturing Systems: A Constrained Reinforcement Learning Approach장시옹펑
2022Deep Learning-Based Small-Sized and Occluded Pedestrian Detection Techniques for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Drone Vision Systems시에한
2022Assessing the Traffic Scheduling Method for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) from Theory to Practice장준휘
2021탄소나노 전왜성 소재 기반 3D 프린팅 로드셀 설계정관영
2021Toward Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry 4.0: An Asset Administration Shell-based Digitalization Approach예순
2021Research on Techniques for Reducing Harmonic distortions and Securing Stability of DSMs송석재
2021Impedance Control using Relative Kinematics for the Dual-arm Manipulator박준호
2021Fabrication of Flexible Transparent Electrodes using Solution Processes and Improvement of Characteristics박종설
2021자율주행을 위한 센서 융합 및 딥러닝 기반의 주행 제어 알고리즘김정환
2021TSN-Based Communication Architecture, Traffic Routing and Scheduling Method유팅
2021Rotary-linear motor with unipolar SPM and voice coil for simple structure and low ripple output performanceXING FUZHEN
2021Energy-loss Straggling and Experimental Investigation of Bragg’s Rule for 241Am Alpha Particles in Air and its Constituents미르자카심
2021Deep Learning-Based Pedestrian Detection under Various Illumination Conditions윤판
2020-08Single Inverter Based Novel Stator Winding Scheme for Brushless Operation of Wound-Field Synchronous Machine with Improved Starting Torque아유브
2020-08Modeling and Kinematic Analysis of Human Finger, Wrist, and Forearm Mechanisms using Parallel Linkages윤덕찬