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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Imidazolium Covalent Organic Frameworks-derived Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Redox Reactions in Rechargeable Zn-Air BatteriesJu, Jong-Min
2022Low-temperature synthesis of large scale MoS2 thin film by bottom-up approach최정훈
2022Interaction of ceria particles with oxide and PVA brush during CMP process사히르사므리나
2022High-Speed Sensing And Removal of Environmental Harmful Factors Using Nano-Hierarchical StructureJi Young Park
2022Porous catalytic materials driven by nanostructure for energy and bio applications김성진
2022Nanoscale Hybrid Materials for Synergistic Performance in Photocatalytic Applications알리고하르
2022Effective physicochemical fractionation process of lignocellulosic materials for recovery of sugars and lignin김태훈
2022Advanced cathode and electrolyte materials for high energy zinc air batteries와나얀타라칼얀
2021Synthesis and Catalytic Application of Dendritic Fibrous Nanosilica - Nano Metal-Organic Framework Hybrid Nanomaterials트란민녹
2021A Study on dry reaction technology to remove SO2 from industrial sites한재원
2021Studies on the Development of Low-dimensional Magnetic Nanoarchitectures with Exchange-coupling Interaction이지민
2021Strategical Metal Oxide-Based Nanocomposites for the Effective Removal of Toxic Pollutants와히드아흐마드
2021Interfacial Engineering of Low-dimensional nanostructures for Artificial Photosynthesis강수희
2020-02Synthesis of Superior Photocatalytic Nanomaterials Using Specially-Designed ALD Rotary Reactor이자즈알리
2020-02Control over the structures and properties of carbon nanomaterials for oxygen electrocatalysis and photocatalysis박정현
2020-02Advanced zinc air battery based on novel bifunctional electrocatalysts and ion-selective conduction membraneLin chao
2019Surface Modification for Nanostructured Energy Devices using Atomic Layer DepositionDae Woong Kim
2019Design and analysis of high frequency properties for magnetic compositesChoi, Moosung
2019-02Gas sensor device operating at room temperature using one-dimensional semiconductor and nano-to-micrometer architecturesHwang, Tae-Yeon
2019-02Characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties in structural steelsBae, Cheoljun