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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Synthesis and Catalytic Application of Dendritic Fibrous Nanosilica - Nano Metal-Organic Framework Hybrid Nanomaterials트란민녹
2021A Study on dry reaction technology to remove SO2 from industrial sites한재원
2021Studies on the Development of Low-dimensional Magnetic Nanoarchitectures with Exchange-coupling Interaction이지민
2021Strategical Metal Oxide-Based Nanocomposites for the Effective Removal of Toxic Pollutants와히드아흐마드
2021Interfacial Engineering of Low-dimensional nanostructures for Artificial Photosynthesis강수희
2020-02Synthesis of Superior Photocatalytic Nanomaterials Using Specially-Designed ALD Rotary Reactor이자즈알리
2020-02Control over the structures and properties of carbon nanomaterials for oxygen electrocatalysis and photocatalysis박정현
2020-02Advanced zinc air battery based on novel bifunctional electrocatalysts and ion-selective conduction membraneLin chao
2019Surface Modification for Nanostructured Energy Devices using Atomic Layer DepositionDae Woong Kim
2019Design and analysis of high frequency properties for magnetic compositesChoi, Moosung
2019-02Gas sensor device operating at room temperature using one-dimensional semiconductor and nano-to-micrometer architecturesHwang, Tae-Yeon
2019-02Characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties in structural steelsBae, Cheoljun