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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Development and Characterization of Highly Sensitive Nanostructured Electrochemical Sensors전지환
2024Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing of Three-dimensional Semiconductor Hetero-structures for Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction오흥석
2024Recyclable elastomeric vitrimer fabricated by reactive blending of maleated polyolefin elastomer with glycidyl POSS안혁준
2024Polymer based solid state electrolytes for zinc air battery applications박주영
2024Studies on the Synthesis of Ladder-structured Polysilsesquioxane for Flexible Cover Window김형중
2024리드프레임 접착용 접착촉진제 제조 및 에폭시 복합재료 적용 연구김은지
2024Fe계 비정질 분말 및 자성 코아 제조 및 자성 특성에 대한 연구김융산
2024Self-healing polyurethane elastomers based on dynamic thiourethane and disulfide bonds김예진
2024Elucidation of precious metal-slag-refractory reaction and dissolution mechanism of palladium in slag for recovery of precious metals from industrial waste김령래
2024Damage-free particle removal for EUV pellicle cleaning강현규
2024Effect of Conditioner’s Tip on Pad Restoration during CMP Conditioning Tae-Hyeok Kang강태혁
2022Tuning Interfacial Properties between Electrode and Organic Semiconductor Layers for Obtaining High-Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors최기헌
2023Microstructures and mechanical properties of precipitation-hardened medium Mn steel processed by room-temperature quenching and partitioning process유동균
2022Organic Electronics Utilizing Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer Behavior for Chemical Sensor Applications오승택
2023Peptide nanohybrid artificial antibodies for diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer이현지
2023Atomic layer deposition of Ru metal thin film using a newly synthesized precursor오승훈
2023Self-rectifying resistive switching memory using two-dimensional electron gas at Al2O3/ZnO heterostructure박수용
2023갈바닉 치환 텔루륨 나노구조체 기반 감지 소재의 상온구동 가스 감지 특성김태건
2023Suppressed Oxidation of bottom TiN electrode in MIM capacitor using Discrete Feeding-Atomic Layer Deposition of ZrO2 film허지선