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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02A Study of Biodegradable Polymer Blend-based Dual Wrinkled Microparticles유동익
2019-02A study on crystalline silicon-based heterojunction devices and texturing for high efficiency perovskite tandem cell structureJin-Hyeong Park
2021A Study on dry reaction technology to remove SO2 from industrial sites한재원
2021A study on micro-contact printing process for the fabrication of Micro-scale Copper Interconnection on the Redistribution Layer심진용
2023A Study on Modification of Components to Enhance Performance of High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries임진솔
2023A Study on Surface Engineering to Improve Electrode Performance for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries안진혁
2022A study on the application of Low-k and Thermal properties with multi-functional composite via porous polymer network박재현
2023Abnormal Growth Behavior of Atomic-layer-deposited Lithium Metal Oxide(LMO)(M=Al, Nb, Ti)장한빈
2023Advanced atomic layer deposition of low-temperature Si3N4 thin films노재홍
2022Advanced cathode and electrolyte materials for high energy zinc air batteries와나얀타라칼얀
2019-02Advanced lithography method for laser-induced holographic surface relief grating formation of photo-sensitive materials김강한
2020-02Advanced zinc air battery based on novel bifunctional electrocatalysts and ion-selective conduction membraneLin chao
2023Aligned Nano-porous Alumina with High-Strength and High-Thermal Conductivity Prepared by Electrochemical Process이재호
2022Atomic Layer Deposited Li-Nb-O Family for Artificial Synapse Devices최현승
2023Atomic layer deposition of Ru metal thin film using a newly synthesized precursor오승훈
2020-02Atomic Level Patterning Process of SiO2 Thin Films for Advanced Nanoelectronics이진선
2021Breast cancer stem cell reprogramming using exosomes derived from human adipose stem cells during adipogenic differentiation진나연
2020-02Characterization and photocatalytic performance evaluation of TiO2 according to various synthesis methods최귀준
2019-02Characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties in structural steelsBae, Cheoljun
2023Comparative study on the evolution behavior of non- metallic inclusions in Fe-1.5%Al and Fe-4%Si steels김동운