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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Enhancing Zero-shot Cross-Lingual Transfer with Multi-Source Training임성훈
2024플로우 기반의 후처리 모듈을 통한 향상된 제로샷 음성 스타일 트랜스퍼이호영
2024LATTE: A Framework for Learning Item-Features to Make a Domain-Expert for Effective Conversational Recommendation유주원
2024효율적인 다중 서열 정렬 검색을 위한 단백질 임베딩 성능 향상심정용
2024Efficiency Enhancement of Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning through Structural Refinement김진현
2024시각적 대화를 위한 구조 인식 기반 멀티모달 순차 학습김영진
2024종단간 음성 합성에서의 제로샷 음성 복제 및 운율 미세 조정김연주
2024연속 학습을 위한 Energy-based Model의 Sharpness 기반 이해김민준
2024향상된 음성인식 일반화를 위한 적대적 학습 기법김도희
2024유화아스팔트/폴리우레탄 혼합물을 이용한 건축용 방수멤브레인 제조 및 특성최영식
2024무용제형 대전방지 기능 에폭시 바닥재에 대한 연구여정재
2020-09SuperB: Superior Behavior-based Anomaly Detection Defining Authorized Users' Traffic Patterns조성현
2021-01A Novel Resource Allocation scheme for NOMA-V2X-Femtocell with Channel Aggregation조성현
2021-08Enhancing Fidelity of Description in Android Apps With Category-Based Common PermissionsScott Uk-Jin Lee
2021-08Efficient Features for Function Matching in Multi-Architecture Binary Executables오희국
2022-07New low-cost tubular ceramic microfiltration membrane based on natural sand for tangential urban wastewater treatment하산 르가즈
2022-12Experimental and theoretical evaluation of synthesized cobalt oxide for phenol adsorption: Adsorption isotherms, kinetics, and thermodynamic studies하산 르가즈
2022-12MetaABR: Environment-Adaptive Video Streaming System with Meta-Reinforcement Learning윤종원
2023-02Assessment of the inhibitory performance of a hydrazone derivative for steel rebar in a simulated concrete medium: Establishing the inhibition mechanism at an experimental and theoretical level하산 르가즈
2023-06Deep Dive into Adaptive Video Streaming윤종원