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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12Perceptions of social performance in public enterprises and early job seekers’ intentions to apply김석은
2020-12우리나라 직업공무원의 정치적 중립 실현의 한계와 대안: 박근혜 정부 임명직 공무원의 인사농단 사례를 중심으로이건
2020-12규제관료의 행태와 그 유형 - 무시, 회피, 집단망각 -김태윤
2020-11지리적인 시각화를 포함하는 커뮤니티 기반의 MERS 대응 네트워크 분석오성수
2020-08공공기관의 전략적 사회책임 활동을 위한 조건 탐색김석은
2020-07From Uncoordinated Patchworks to a Coordinated System: MERS-CoV to COVID-19 in Korea오성수
2020-05세계화 시대의 한류와 문화영토김정수
2020-06국가R&D분야에서의 감사가 소극행정에 미치는 영향에 대한 탐색연구김태윤
2020-05Policy Design and Achieving Social Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of Social Enterprise Policy최돈위
2020-05Examining the role of perceived risk and benefit, shared concern for nuclear stigmatization, and trust in governments in shaping citizen risk acceptability of a nuclear power plant최돈위
2020-04Social enterprises' social orientation: The impact on the organizational commitment of employees최돈위
2020-04Interorganizational Coordination and Collaboration During the 2015 MERS-CoV Response in South Korea오성수
2020-04Exploring Good Governance with an Integrative Framework for Collaborative Governance이건
2020-03포용가치 지향의 민주시민교육 필요성에 대한 제언: 국민인식을 기초로이건
2020-01Epidemic Response Coordination Networks in “Living Documents”오성수
2019-10The "Smart Work" Myth: How Bureaucratic Inertia and Workplace Culture Stymied Digital Transformation in the Relocation of South Korea's Capital이건
2019-06Public health emergency response coordination: putting the plan into practice오성수
2019-06Subgroup Analysis of an Epidemic Response Network of Organizations: 2015 MERS Outbreak in Korea오성수
2019-07Community Analysis of a Crisis Response Network오성수
2019-06중심-주변 구조 탐지 기법을 이용한 MERS 대응 네트워크 분석오성수