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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Gas sensing mechanism of sulfur chain-encapsulated single-walled carbon nanotubes이휘건
2019-08Redox-state modulated ORR activity of Cd-based Prussian blue analog frameworks transformed via anion exchange with controlled redox-state from CdCO3 cuboids한성환
2019-07Formation of a Highly-ordered Thiophene Monolayer on Au(111) via Vapor Phase Deposition노재근
2019-06Realization of Spatially Addressable Library by a Novel Combinatorial Approach on Atomic Layer Deposition: A Case Study of Zinc Oxide성명모
2019-05Hyperspectral Raman Line Mapping as an Effective Tool To Monitor the Coating Thickness of Pharmaceutical Tablets정회일
2019-06Improvement of the Thermal Stability of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Isocyanide Derivatives on Gold노재근
2019-06Thermochromic Polydiacetylene Nanotube from Amphiphilic Macrocyclic Diacetylene in Aqueous Solution노재근
2019-01Translocation of DNA and Protein through Sequentially Polymerized Polyurea Nanopore이진석
2019-03Nanotopography-based engineering of retroviral DNA integration patterns이진석
2019-06Silver nanoparticles loaded ZnO photoelectrode with Rose Bengal as a sensitizer for dye sensitized solar cells한성환
2019-11Disease-related proteins determination based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy정회일
2019-06Novel Peptide-Based Inhibitors for Microtubule Polymerization in Phytophthora capsici윤문영
2019-05Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Polyvalent Directed Peptide Polymer Coupled to a Nanoporous ZnO Nanoplatform한성환
2019-02Reduced graphene oxide-Nickel sulfide (NiS) composited on mechanical pencil lead as a versatile and cost-effective sensor for electrochemical measurements of bisphenol A and mercury (II)한성환
2019-03Monolayer Behaviors of Carborane Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Complexes손대원
2019-02Synthesis of Helical Polyisocyanide with Alkyne End-Group Using Grignard Reaction한진욱
2019-02Metal Precursor Dependent Synthesis of NiFe2O4 Thin Films for High-Performance Flexible Symmetric Supercapacitor한성환
2019-04ZnO composite nanolayer with mobility edge quantization for multi-value logic transistors성명모
2018-12Machine learning finds Cas9-edited genotypes배상수
2018-12Development of quantum dot aptasensor and its portable analyzer for the detection of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate윤문영