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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Electrochemical monitoring and mechanistic understanding of iodine film formation as a metastable intermediate during I-3(-)/I- redox reaction in aqueous ZnI2 media장진호
2021-02High-performance Li-Se battery: Li2Se cathode as intercalation product of electrochemical in situ reduction of multilayer graphene-embedded 2D-MoSe2성명모
2021-02Characteristics of self-healable laponite-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels prepared by gamma-ray irradiation손대원
2021-02Pretreatment-free SERS analysis of raw bile juice for identification of gall bladder disease using paper-coupled Au nanodendrite-encaged nickel foam정회일
2021-02Feasibility of discrimination of gall bladder (GB) stone and GB polyp using voltage-applied SERS measurement of bile juice samples in conjunction with two-trace two-dimensional (2T2D) correlation analysis정회일
2021-02Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkanethioacetates on Au(111) in Ammonium Hydroxide Solution노재근
2021-02Use of Multiple Bacteriophage-Based Structural Color Sensors to Improve Accuracy for Discrimination of Geographical Origins of Agricultural Products정회일
2021-02Transesterification in Vitrimer Polymers Using Bifunctional Catalysts: Modeled with Solution-Phase Experimental Rates and Theoretical Analysis of Efficiency and Mechanisms강영종
2021-01One-Step Synthesis of Norabietane Core and its Alkylation to Abietane Analogs오창호
2021-01Surface-modified ultra-thin indium zinc oxide films with tunable work function for efficient hole transport in flexible indoor organic photovoltaics최효성
2021-01Hybrid Layers of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers with Homogenous Silver Nanoparticle Coverage for Photonic Applications강영종
2021-01New 3,8-difluoro indoloindole-based copolymers for organic solar cell최효성
2021-01Alternative selection of Raman or LIBS spectral information in hierarchical discrimination of raw sapphires according to geographical origin for accuracy improvement정회일
2021-01CReVIS-Seq: A highly accurate and multiplexable method for genome-wide mapping of lentiviral integration sites배상수
2021-01A Size-Selectively Biomolecule-Immobilized Nanoprobe-Based Chemiluminescent Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Detection of Avian-Origin Viruses이준석
2021-01Luminance efficiency roll-off mechanism in CsPbBr3 xClx mixed-halide perovskite quantum dot blue light-emitting diodes최효성
2021-01Luminance efficiency roll-off mechanism in CsPbBr3-xClx mixed-halide perovskite quantum dot blue light-emitting diodes강영종
2020-12Integrated Bioaerosol Sampling/Monitoring Platform: Field-Deployable and Rapid Detection of Airborne Viruses이준석
2020-12Formation and Surface Structures of Highly Ordered Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkyl Selenocyanates on Au(111) via Ambient-Pressure Vapor Deposition노재근
2020-12Water-stable polymer hole transport layer in organic and perovskite light-emitting diodes최효성