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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Feasibility of Voltage-Applied SERS Measurement of Bile Juice as an Effective Analytical Scheme to Enhance Discrimination between Gall Bladder (GB) Polyp and GB Cancer장진호
2020-05Nitrogen-doped carbon dot threads as a "turn-off" fluorescent probe for permanganate ions and its hydrogel hybrid as a naked eye sensor for gold(III) ions손대원
2020-05Facile synthesis of cobalt-nickel sulfide thin film as a promising counter electrode for triiodide reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells최효성
2020-05Transcriptomics in Toxicogenomics, Part II: Preprocessing and Differential Expression Analysis for High Quality Data윤태현
2020-05Decent efficiency improvement of organic photovoltaic cell with low acidic hole transport material by controlling doping concentration최효성
2020-05Incorporation of two-dimensional correlation analysis into discriminant analysis as a potential tool for improving discrimination accuracy: Near-infrared spectroscopic discrimination of adulterated olive oils정회일
2020-05Enhancement of Long-Persistent Phosphorescence by Solid-State Reaction and Mixing of Spectrally Different Phosphors김두리
2020-05Generation of albino via SLC45a2 gene targeting by CRISPR/Cas9 in the marine medaka Oryzias melastigma배상수
2020-05Effect of Polymeric In Situ Stabilizers on Dispersion Homogeneity of Nanofillers and Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Composites윤홍석
2020-04Silica particles wrapped with poly(aniline-co-pyrrole) and reduced graphene oxide for advanced microwave absorption손대원
2020-04Dataset on the shooting and rooting ability of Morus alba using waste tea residue derived carbon dots as an alternative of growth plant stimulator손대원
2020-04Anti-Atherogenic Effect of Stem Cell Nanovesicles Targeting Disturbed Flow Sites배상수
2020-04Interdigitated Hierarchical Integration of an Efficient Lateral Perovskite Single-Crystal Solar Cell성명모
2020-04Microwave-Epoxide-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of the CuO/ZnO Heterojunction: a Highly Versatile Route to Develop H2S Gas Sensors최효성
2020-04Revealing Electrochemically Generated Local High Order Polyiodides (I-2n+1(-), n=1-3) on Pt Ultramicroelectrode정회일
2020-04New Synthetic Routes to (+)-Uleine and (-)-Tubifolidine: General Approach to 2-Azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane Indole Alkaloids조천규
2020-04Transcriptomics in Toxicogenomics, Part III: Data Modelling for Risk Assessment윤태현
2020-04Transcriptomics in Toxicogenomics, Part I: Experimental Design, Technologies, Publicly Available Data, and Regulatory Aspects윤태현
2020-04Aminooxygenation of Ynamides with N-Hydroxybenzotriazoles: Synthesis of alpha-Benzotriazolyl Carbonyl Compounds신승훈
2020-04Aminooxygenation of Ynamides with N-Hydroxybenzotriazoles: Synthesis of alpha-Benzotriazolyl Carbonyl Compounds조천규