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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04A fixed point approach to approximate quadratic functional equation in non-Archimedean L*-fuzzy normed spaces박춘길
2020-03Efficient digital signatures from RSA without random oracles서재홍
2020-03Fixed points and partial multipliers in Banach algebras박춘길
2020-03Bihomomorphisms and biderivations in Lie Banach algebras박춘길
2020-03Commuting and compatible mappings in digital metric spaces박춘길
2020-03Solution of a 3-D cubic functional equation and its stability박춘길
2020-03On new extensions of Darbo's fixed point theorem with applications박춘길
2020-03잡음 환경에서 통계적 방법을 이용한 선형 피드백 시프트 레지스터 추정송정환
2020-03Generalized neutrosophic separation axioms in neutrosophic soft topological spaces박춘길
2020-02Ulam stability of linear differential equations using Fourier transform박춘길
2020-02Oscillation results for higher order differential equations박춘길
2020-02New construction of strongly relatively nonexpansive sequences by firmly nonexpansive-like mappings박춘길
2020-02Common fixed point and endpoint theorems for a countable family of multi-valued mappings박춘길
2020-01Emergence of phase concentration for the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi equation박진영
2020-01Analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical solutions for the Cahn–Allen equation박춘길
2020-01Two multi-cubic functional equations and some results on the stability in modular spaces박춘길
2020-01Implementation of Complementary Model using Optimal Combination of Hematological Parameters for Sepsis Screening in Patients with Fever최정순
2020-12A change of scale formula for Wiener integrals about the first variation on the product abstract Wiener space김영식
2020-01Some results on n-Jordan homomorphisms박춘길
2019-12Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions to the Lane-Emden system near the critical hyperbola김승혁