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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01Some results on n-Jordan homomorphisms박춘길
2019-12Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions to the Lane-Emden system near the critical hyperbola김승혁
2019-12The stability of additive (alpha, beta)-functional equations박춘길
2019-12국내 철도 사상사고 분석 모형 연구최정순
2019-12Exploring the catchment area of an urban railway station by using transit card data: Case study in Seoul최정순
2019-12On a fixed point theorem with application to functional equations박춘길
2019-09A general functional equation박춘길
2019-11Constructing (pre)norms in BL-algebras and its action on topological BL-algebras김희식
2019-10Public key encryption with equality test from generic assumptions in the random oracle model서재홍
2019-10Medicines selection via fuzzy upward beta-covering rough sets박춘길
2019-11Emergent behaviors of the swarmalator model for position-phase aggregation박진영
2019-09Permeable values and energetic sets in $BCK/BCI$-algebras based on fuzzy points김희식
2019-10Some implicativities for groupoids and BCK-algebras김희식
2019-10Influence of Neighborhood Environment on Korean Adult Obesity Using a Bayesian Spatial Multilevel Model최정순
2019-10Biderivations and Bihomomorphisms in Banach Algebras박춘길
2019-10Fixed point theorems for f-contractions on closed ball in partial metric spaces박춘길
2019-10Additive s-functional inequalities and derivations on Banach algebras박춘길
2019-10Fibonacci periodicity and fibonacci frequency김희식
2019-10On neutrosophic extended triplet groups (loops) and Abel-Grassmann's groupoids (AG-groupoids)박춘길