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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10Generalized feedback vertex set problems on bounded-treewidth graphs: chordality is the key to single-exponential parameterized algorithms권오정
2019-12Mim-Width III. Graph Powers and Generalized Distance Domination Problems권오정
2020-12Square root and 3rd root functional equations in C*-algebras박춘길
2021-02Hyers-Ulam stability of an n-variable quartic functional equation박춘길
2021-02Additive ρ-functional inequalities in non-Archimedean 2-normed spaces박춘길
2021-02Closed Formulas for Some New Degree Based Topological Descriptors Using M-polynomial and Boron Triangular Nanotube박춘길
2021-02Two remarks on graph norms이준경
2021-02Linear perturbations of the fractional Yamabe problem on the minimal conformal infinity김승혁
2021-02Alternative selection of Raman or LIBS spectral information in hierarchical discrimination of raw sapphires according to geographical origin for accuracy improvement차경준
2021-02M-Polynomials and Degree-Based Topological Indices of the Molecule Copper(I) Oxide박춘길
2021-02Use of Multiple Bacteriophage-Based Structural Color Sensors to Improve Accuracy for Discrimination of Geographical Origins of Agricultural Products차경준
2021-02Objectively Measured Built Environments and Cardiovascular Diseases in Middle-Aged and Older Korean Adults최정순
2021-02Cluster Analysis of Inhalant Allergens in South Korea: A Computational Model of Allergic Sensitization차경준
2021-01Non-degeneracy for the critical Lane-Emden system김승혁
2021-01On the stability of 3-Lie homomorphisms and 3-Lie derivations박춘길
2021-01On topological rough groups박춘길
2021-01Neutrosophic extended triplet groups and homomorphisms in C*-algebras박춘길
2021-01Approximation of solutions of the inhomogeneous Gauss differential equations by hypergeometric function박춘길
2021-01Ulam stability of a functional equation deriving from quadratic and additive mappings in random normed spaces박춘길
2021-01Orthogonal stability of a quadratic functional inequality: a fixed point approach박춘길