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2021-03The mRNA m(6)A reader YTHDF2 suppresses proinflammatory pathways and sustains hematopoietic stem cell function최준호
2022-03N-7-methylguanosine tRNA modification promotes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tumorigenesis via the RPTOR/ULK1/autophagy axis최준호
2021-05Dickkopf-2 regulates the stem cell marker LGR5 in colorectal cancer via HNF4 alpha 1최제민
2021-07Macrophage-preferable delivery of the leucine-rich repeat domain of NLRX1 ameliorates lethal sepsis by regulating NF-kappa B and inflammasome signaling activation최제민
2021-07In Vivo Induction of Regulatory T Cells Via CTLA-4 Signaling Peptide to Control Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis and Prevent Disease Relapse최제민
2021-08The Cysteine-Containing Cell-Penetrating Peptide AP Enables Efficient Macromolecule Delivery to T Cells and Controls Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis최제민
2021-08Bleomycin-Induced Lung Injury Increases Resistance to Influenza Virus Infection in a Type I Interferon-Dependent Manner최제민
2022-02Emerging role of bystander T cell activation in autoimmune diseases최제민
2022-05Immune Checkpoint Blockades in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Current State and Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance최제민
2022-06Unleashing cell-penetrating peptide applications for immunotherapy최제민
2022-09비타민 D의 자가면역, 알레르기, 감염질환에서의 역할최제민
2022-11CPP Applications in Immune Modulation and Disease Therapy최제민
2022-09Single-cell transcriptomics reveal cellular diversity of aortic valve and the immunomodulation by PPAR gamma during hyperlipidemia최재훈
2022-10Characteristics of plaque lipid-associated macrophages and their possible roles in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis최재훈
2021-04Discovery of Post-Translational Modifications in Emiliania huxleyi진언선
2021-08Bone Graft Biomineral Complex Coderived from Marine Biocalcification and Biosilicification진언선
2021-10Augmented CO2 tolerance by expressing a single H+-pump enables microalgal valorization of industrial flue gas진언선
2021-12LC-MS/MS-based Proteomic Analysis to Identify Protein Phosphorylation in Emiliania huxleyi진언선
2022-02Macular pigment-enriched oil production from genome-edited microalgae진언선
2022-02The Chlamydomonas bZIP transcription factor BLZ8 confers oxidative stress tolerance by inducing the carbon-concentrating mechanism진언선