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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Benthic Diatom Communities in Korean Estuaries: Species Appearances in Relation to Environmental Variables김백호
2019-09Cryoprotective effect of an antifreeze protein purified from Tenebrio molitor larvae on vegetables진언선
2019-06Preventing the Solid Cancer Progression via Release of Anticancer-Cytokines in Co-Culture with Cold Plasma-Stimulated Macrophages.이수재
2019-06Exonuclease requirements for mammalian ribosomal RNA biogenesis and surveillance최준호
2019-04Dynamics of Amoebophrya parasites during recurrent blooms of the ichthyotoxic dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Korean coastal waters한명수
2019-04Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism of Acetyl Triethyl Citrate, aWater-Soluble Plasticizer for Pharmaceutical Polymers in Rats계명찬
2019-06다중형 돌말지수를 이용한 국내 하천의 생물학적 온전성 평가김백호
2018-12Structural assessment of the tetramerization domain and DNA-binding domain of CP2c김철근
2018-12북한강 수계 미소생물 군집 및 이취미 물질의 시공간적 분포 특성김백호
2018-11Loss of Function in Zeaxanthin Epoxidase of Dunaliella tertiolecta Caused by a Single Amino Acid Mutation within the Substrate-Binding Site진언선
2018-11Effect of particulate matter 2.5 on gene expression profile and cell signaling in JEG-3 human placenta cells계명찬
2018-11Formyl-methionine as an N-degron of a eukaryotic N-end rule pathway김정목
2018-11Response by Kim and Choi to Letter Regarding Article, "Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Nonfoamy Rather Than Foamy Plaque Macrophages Are Proinflammatory in Atherosclerotic Murine Models"최재훈
2018-11Novel Findings of Anti-Filarial Drug Target and Structure-Based Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery안주홍
2018-11Revisiting the Concept of Targeting NFAT to Control T Cell Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases최제민
2018-10FBXL14 abolishes breast cancer progression by targeting CDCP1 for proteasomal degradation이수재
2018-10Role of the CCN protein family in cancer신인철
2018-10Pharmacokinetic Properties of Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, a Pharmaceutical Excipient계명찬
2018-10Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Nonfoamy Rather Than Foamy Plaque Macrophages Are Proinflammatory in Atherosclerotic Murine Models최재훈
2018-10Arabidopsis ACC Oxidase 1 Coordinated by Multiple Signals Mediates Ethylene Biosynthesis and Is Involved in Root Development김태욱