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2013-08A novel 2-pyrone derivative, BHP, impedes oncogenic KRAS-driven malignant progression in breast cancer이수재
2016-09Success of tumorsphere isolation from WHO grade IV gliomas does not correlate with the weight of fresh tumor specimens: an immunohistochemical characterization of tumorsphere differentiation이수재
2013-08A ginseng metabolite, compound K, induces autophagy and apoptosis via generation of reactive oxygen species and activation of JNK in human colon cancer cells이수재
2011-08Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Is Essential for Interleukin-1 beta-mediated Dedifferentiation of Articular Chondrocytes via SIRT1 and Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase (ERK) Complex Signaling이수재
2013-02Lenalidomide induces apoptosis and alters gene expression in non-small cell lung cancer cells이수재
2013-05Increased in vivo angiogenic effect of glioma stromal mesenchymal stem-like cells on glioma cancer stem cells from patients with glioblastoma이수재
2013-05Copper induces apoptotic cell death through reactive oxygen species-triggered oxidative stress in the intertidal copepod Tigriopus japonicus이수재
2013-10Depletion of end-binding protein 1 (EB1) promotes apoptosis of human non-small-cell lung cancer cells via reactive oxygen species and Bax-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction이수재
2013-10Isolation of mesenchymal stem-like cells in meningioma specimens이수재
2013-09Depletion of hepatoma-derived growth factor-related protein-3 induces apoptotic sensitization of radioresistant A549 cells via reactive oxygen species-dependent p53 activation이수재