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2016-11A facile room temperature chemical transformation approach for binder-free thin film formation of Ag2Te and lithiation/delithiation chemistry of the film한성환
2017-02Novel Solid-State Solar Cell Based on Hole-Conducting MOF-Sensitizer Demonstrating Power Conversion Efficiency of 2.1%한성환
2017-10Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on performance of ZnO based dye sensitized solar cells한성환
2018-01An enhanced electrochemical energy conversion behavior of thermally treated thin film of 1-dimensional CoTe synthesized from aqueous solution at room temperature한성환
2018-01Study of PEDOT and analogous polymer film as back-electron injection barrier and electrical charge storing materials한성환
2018-10Oxygen reduction reaction on nickel-based Prussian blue analog frameworks synthesized via electrochemical anodization route한성환
2018-11Hole transport layer based on conjugated polyelectrolytes for polymer solar cells한성환
2019-02Metal Precursor Dependent Synthesis of NiFe2O4 Thin Films for High-Performance Flexible Symmetric Supercapacitor한성환
2018-08Copper-1, 3, 5-benzenetricarboxylate framework nanocrystals on polyaniline: Fabrication, characteristics, and electrochemical application for oxygen reduction reaction한성환
2019-02Reduced graphene oxide-Nickel sulfide (NiS) composited on mechanical pencil lead as a versatile and cost-effective sensor for electrochemical measurements of bisphenol A and mercury (II)한성환