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2017-02Development of a qPCR assay for tracking the ecological niches of genetic sub-populations within Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Bacillariophyceae)한명수
2017-02Improvement of cyanobacterial-killing biologically derived substances (BDSs) using an ecologically safe and cost-effective naphthoquinone derivative한명수
2017-11Light intensity as major factor to maximize biomass and lipid productivity of Ettlia sp in CO2-controlled photoautotrophic chemostat한명수
2018-04Pelagibaca bermudensis promotes biofuel competence of Tetraselmis striata in a broad range of abiotic stressors: dynamics of quorum-sensing precursors and strategic improvement in lipid productivity한명수
2018-01Intraspecific bloom succession in the harmful dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides (Dinophyceae) extended the blooming period in Korean coastal waters in 2009한명수
2018-01Revealing the distinct habitat ranges and hybrid zone of genetic sub-populations within Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Bacillariophyceae) in the West Pacific area한명수
2018-01Distinct Bloom Dynamics of Toxic and Non-toxic Microcystis (Cyanobacteria) Subpopulations in Hoedong Reservoir (Korea)한명수
2018-06Morphological characterization and molecular phylogenetic analysis of Dolichospermum hangangense (Nostocales, Cyanobacteria) sp nov from Han River, Korea한명수
2018-08Cyanobacteria-specific algicidal mechanism of bioinspired naphthoquinone derivative, NQ 2-0한명수
2019-04Dynamics of Amoebophrya parasites during recurrent blooms of the ichthyotoxic dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Korean coastal waters한명수