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2016-10A mechanical pencil lead-supported carbon nanotube/Au nanodendrite structure as an electrochemical sensor for As(III) detection정회일
2019-04A sample wetting strategy to overcome differences in physical morphology between lab-prepared training samples and pharmaceutical process samples for reliable quantitative Raman spectroscopic analysis정회일
2019-07A theoretical insight into the role of counter anions and their interactions in nitropentaamminecobalt(III) toward linkage isomerism-induced photochemical motion정회일
2019-02Reduced graphene oxide-Nickel sulfide (NiS) composited on mechanical pencil lead as a versatile and cost-effective sensor for electrochemical measurements of bisphenol A and mercury (II)정회일
2019-03Discrimination of phthalate species using a simple phage-based colorimetric sensor in conjunction with hierarchical support vector machine정회일
2019-03Nickel foam-caged Ag-Au bimetallic nanostructure as a highly rugged and durable SERS substrate정회일
2017-08Probing temperature able to improve Raman spectroscopic discrimination of adulterated olive oils정회일
2017-12Characterization of Raman Scattering in Solid Samples with Different Particle Sizes and Elucidation on the Trends of Particle Size-Dependent Intensity Variations in Relation to Changes in the Sizes of Laser Illumination and Detection Area정회일
2018-01Theoretical investigation on the ground state properties of the hexaamminecobalt(III) and nitro-nitrito linkage isomerism in pentaamminecobalt(III) in vacuo정회일
2018-02Theoretical study on coordination of methanol clusters to 3-methyl-4-pyrimidone정회일