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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04Datasets on the production and perception of underlying and epenthetic glottal stops in Maltese조태홍
2020-04A Disciplinary Unconscious of World Literature: A Joycean Case윤성호
2020-04Vol. 61 Editor's Note이영석
2020-04The Transnational Poetics, or The Poetics of Relation of W. B. Yeats: Yeats in Relation with Blake and Heaney이영석
2020-03The Ambivalence of Tradition in Rachel Kadish’s The Weight of InkMathews, Peter David
2020-02「탈형상화된 셸리」 와 (탈)형상화로서의 읽기윤일환
2017-07“The Kindness of Strangers”: Paul Yoon’s Cosmopolitan Imagination in Snow Hunters유재은
2020-01The Role of Segmental Information in Syntactic Processing Through the Syntax-Prosody Interface조태홍
2020-04Christina Hunt Mahony. Contemporary Irish Literature: Transforming Tradition. (London: Macmillan, 1998. 299 pages이영석
2019-12The Transnational Poetics of Modern Writers in the World of William Butler Yeats: Yeats, Lady Gregory, Pound, and Eliot이영석
2019-12Vol. 60 Editor's Note이영석
2019-12Colm Toibin. Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce. (New York: Schribner, 2018. 258 pages이영석
2019-12No Gun Ri Massacre and The Battle of Changjin Reservoir: The Korean War in Lark and Termite and The Coldest Night유재은
2019-12영미 아동문학 코퍼스 자료를 활용한 데이터 추론학습이 초등학생들의 영어 문법능력에 끼치는 영향이신웅
2019-11Philip K. Dick, Late Modernism, and the Chinese Logic of American Totality임서희
2019-08"Let's kill him": self-reference pronouns and speaking roles in capital trials챔사이통, 크리스다
2019-09Preboundary lengthening in Japanese: To what extent do lexical pitch accent and moraic structure matter?조태홍
2019-09Effects of case-marking on the anticipatory processing of Korean Sentences이미선
2019-09『오만과 편견』과 『이성과 감성』에 나타난 There 존재구문 양상과 그를 기반으로 한 대학생들의 인지도 연구이기정
2019-08The Ghost in the Account Book: Conrad, Faulkner, and Gothic Incalculability임서희