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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10The role of semantic transparency in visual word recognition of compound words: A megastudy approach김세영
2021-01An investigation into health professionals' perception of the appropriateness of elderspeak in a Korean hospital setting이미선
2020-12The Scrambled Script: Contingency and Necessity in Iris Murdoch's The Green KnightMATHEWS PETER DAVID
2020-12Prophetic Time and the End of Capitalism in Iain Pears’s Stone’s FallMATHEWS PETER DAVID
2020-12The “North” in Yeats’s Cultural Imagination이형섭
2020-12Reading The Turin Horse with Beckett이형섭
2020-11Hacking the Society of Control: The Fiction of Hari KunzruMATHEWS PETER DAVID
2020-10An apparent-time study of an ongoing sound change in Seoul Korean: A prosodic account조태홍
2020-09Prosodic structurally conditioned variation of coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Mandarin Chinese: Its language specificity and cross-linguistic generalizability조태홍
2020-09코퍼스를 기반으로 한 동사 Begin과 Start의 보어결합 양상연구: To 부정사와 동명사를 중심으로이신웅
2020-08Neural representational similarity betweenL1andL2in spoken and written language processing김세영
2020-08Moral Legitimation in Courtroom Discourse: A Proposal챔사이통크리스다
2020-08Vol. 62 Editor's Note이영석
2020-08Helen Hennessy Vendler. Yeats's Vision and the Later Plays. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 1963. 286 pages이영석
2020-08예이츠의 묘비명: 죽음의 텍스트화와 망자에게 목소리 부여하기윤일환
2020-07Reference and identity in public discourses챔사이통, 크리스다
2020-06Actions, actors, and agency in the penalty phase of capital trials: A comparison of two genres챔사이통크리스다
2020-06Nationalism, Multiculturalism, and Translation: Translation in and of Please Look After Mom유재은
2020-04Datasets on the production and perception of underlying and epenthetic glottal stops in Maltese조태홍
2020-04A Disciplinary Unconscious of World Literature: A Joycean Case윤성호