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dc.identifier.citation한국경영정보학회 학술대회, 11/08/2013, p. 533-539en_US
dc.description.abstract최근 소셜커머스(Social Commerce)에 대한 사회적 관심이 집중되고 그 시장규모도 커지고 있 다. 이에 따라 다양한 연구가 시도되고 있지만 기존 대부분의 연구는 사용자 관점에서 이루어지고 있 다. 이에 본 연구에서는 선행연구를 기반으로 소셜커머스의 핵심성공요인(CSF, Critical Success Factor)들을 도출하여 소셜커머스 서비스제공자들이 인식하는 소셜커머스의 CSF와 사용자들이 인식하는 소셜커머스의 CSF의 인식차이를 분석하고자 한다. 이러한 두 그룹의 인식 차이에 대한 이해는 소셜커머스 기업이 생각하는 향후 소셜커머스 서비스의 이상적인 모습과 현재 사용자들이 생각하는 현실적 모습의 차이를 보여주어 현재 소셜커머스 사업의 개선점과 이를 해결하기 위한 방안이 무엇인지를 제시 해 줌으로써 소셜커머스의 실질적인 발전방향을 제공할 것으로 사료된 다. 이를 위하여 국내 대표적인 소셜커머스인 티켓몬스터의 내부직원 156명과 본 서비스의 이용경험이 있는 154명을 대상으로 실증분석을 실시 하였다. 연구결과를 종합하여 분석한 결 과, 서비스제공자와 사용자 두 그룹 모두가 인식하는 구매의도에 영향을 미치는 소셜커머스의 CSF로는 가격·경제 성, 유용성, 신 뢰, 구전효과가 도출되었 고, 거래안전성은 CSF로 도출되지 않았 다. 또한 서비스제공자들은 가격·경제성을, 사용자들은 신뢰를 가장 주요한 CSF로 인식하는 것으로 나타났다.Recently, there is a growing interest toward social commerce using SNS(Social Networking Service), and the size of its market is also expanding due to popularization of smart phones, tablet PCs and other smart devices. Accordingly, various studies have been attempted but it is shown that most of the previous studies have been conducted from perspectives of the users. The purpose of this study is to derive user-centered CSF(Critical Success Factor) of social commerce from the previous studies and analyze the CSF perception gap between social commerce service providers and users. The CSF perception gap between two groups shows that there is a difference between ideal images the service providers hope for and the actual image the service users have on social commerce companies. This study provides effective improvement directions for social commerce companies by presenting current business problems and its solution plans. For this, This study selected Korea's representative social commerce business Ticket Monster, which is dominant in sales and staff size together with its excellent funding power through M&A by stock exchange with the US social commerce business Living Social with Amazon.com as a shareholder in August, 2011, as a target group of social commerce service provider. we have gathered questionnaires from both service providers and the users from October 22, 2012 until October 31, 2012 to conduct an empirical analysis. We surveyed 160 service providers of Ticket Monster We also surveyed 160 social commerce users who have experienced in using Ticket Monster service. Out of 320 surveys, 20 questionaries which were unfit or undependable were discarded. Consequently the remaining 300(service provider 150, user 150)were used for this empirical study. The statistics were analyzed using SPSS 12.0. Implications of the empirical analysis result of this study are as follows: First of all, There are order differences in the importance of social commerce CSF between two groups. While service providers regard Price Economic as the most important CSF influencing purchasing intention, the users regard 'Trust' as the most important CSF influencing purchasing intention. This means that the service providers have to utilize the unique strong point of social commerce which make the customers be trusted rathe than just focusing on selling product at a discounted price. It means that service Providers need to enhance effective communication skills by using SNS and play a vital role as a trusted adviser who provides curation services and explains the value of products through information filtering. Also, they need to pay attention to preventing consumer damages from deceptive and false advertising. service providers have to create the detailed reward system in case of a consumer damages caused by above problems. It can make strong ties with customers. Second, both service providers and users tend to consider that social commerce CSF influencing purchasing intention are Price Economic, Utility, Trust, and Word of Mouth Effect. Accordingly, it can be learned that users are expecting the benefit from the aspect of prices and economy when using social commerce, and service providers should be able to suggest the individualized discount benefit through diverse methods using social network service. Looking into it from the aspect of usefulness, service providers are required to get users to be cognizant of time-saving, efficiency, and convenience when they are using social commerce. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the usefulness of social commerce through the introduction of a new management strategy, such as intensification of search engine of the Website, facilitation in payment through shopping basket, and package distribution. Trust, as mentioned before, is the most important variable in consumers' mind, so it should definitely be managed for sustainable management. If the trust in social commerce should fall due to consumers' damage..en_US
dc.subjectSocial Commerceen_US
dc.subjectPurchasing Intentionen_US
dc.subjectTrade Safetyen_US
dc.subjectWord of Mouth Effecten_US
dc.title서비스 제공자와 사용자의 인식차이 분석을 통한 소셜커머스 핵심성공요인에 대한 연구: 한국의 티켓몬스터 중심으로en_US
dc.relation.journalAsia Pacific Journal of Information Systems-
dc.contributor.googleauthorKim, Il Jung-
dc.contributor.googleauthorLee, Dae Chul-
dc.contributor.googleauthorLim, Gyoo Gun-
dc.sector.daehakSCHOOL OF BUSINESS[S]-
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