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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09The efficient one-step chlorination of methylsulfanyl group on pyrimidine ring system with sulfuryl chloride하정미
2010-10Synthesis of aminoquinazoline derivatives and their antiproliferative activities against melanoma cell line하정미
2011-03Structure based design and syntheses of amino-1H-pyrazole amide derivatives as selective Raf kinase inhibitors in melanoma cells하정미
2010-09An efficient and enantioselective total synthesis of naturally occurring L-783277하정미
2011-04Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Pyridinylcarbonylpyrimidines Against Melanoma Cell Line하정미
2011-03Enhanced Solubility and Bioavailability of Flurbiprofen by Cycloamylose하정미
2011-08Structure tuning of pyrazolylpyrrole derivatives as ERK inhibitors utilizing dual tools하정미
2011-09A Python-based Docking Program Utilizing a Receptor Bound Ligand Shape: PythDock하정미
2011-11Syntheses of phenylpyrazolodiazepin-7-ones as conformationally rigid analogs of aminopyrazole amide scaffold and their antiproliferative effects on cancer cells하정미
2012-02Rhodium-catalyzed reductive cyclization of 1,6-enynes and stereoselective synthesis of the putative structure of lucentamycin A and its stereoisomers하정미
2012-05New diarylureas and diarylamides possessing acet(benz)amidophenyl scaffold: Design, synthesis, and antiproliferative activity against melanoma cell line하정미
2013-04Syntheses and biological evaluation of 1-heteroaryl-2-aryl-1H-benzimidazole derivatives as c-Jun N-terminal kinase inhibitors with neuroprotective effects하정미
2012-05In silico binding free energy predictability with pi-pi interaction energy-augmented scoring function: Benzimidazole Raf inhibitors as a case study하정미
2014-08Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of benzyl 2-(1H-imidazole-1-yl) pyrimidine analogues as selective and potent Raf inhibitors하정미
2013-033D-QSAR studies of 1,2-diaryl-1H-benzimidazole derivatives as JNK3 inhibitors with protective effects in neuronal cells하정미
2015-06De Novo Design and Synthesis of a -Turn Peptidomimetic Scaffold and Its Application as JNK3 Allosteric Ligand하정미
2013-02Synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-(6-methylpyridin-2-yl)-5-(quinoxalin-6-yl)-1,2,3-triazoles as transforming growth factor-beta type 1 receptor ldnase inhibitors하정미
2021-12Rational design and synthesis of 2-(1H-indazol-6-yl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole derivatives as inhibitors targeting FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 (FLT3) and its mutants하정미
2022-10Design and Synthesis of Aminopyrimidinyl Pyrazole Analogs as PLK1 Inhibitors Using Hybrid 3D-QSAR and Molecular Docking하정미
2017-01Nec-1 alleviates cognitive impairment with reduction of A and tau abnormalities in APP/PS1 mice하정미