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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Targeted co-delivery of polypyrrole and rapamycin by trastuzumab-conjugated liposomes for combined chemo-photothermal therapy최한곤
2002-09Temperature-dependent quinone cytotoxicity in platelets involves arylation배옥남
2016-10Tentative identification of in vitro metabolites of 5-APDB, a synthetic benzofuran, by LC-Q/TOF-MS유혜현
2007-08Tetrahydro-1,8-naphthyridinol analogues of alpha-tocopherol as antioxidants in lipid membranes and low-density lipoproteins남태규
2016-01Therapeutic advantage of inhaled tacrolimus-bound albumin nanoparticles in a bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis mouse model최한곤
2018-02Therapeutic application of GPR119 ligands in metabolic disorders김영미
2016-01Therapeutic Strategies for Neuropathic Pain: Potential Application of Pharmacosynthetics and Optogenetics김상성
2009-03Thermo-reversible flurbiprofen liquid suppository with HP-beta-CD as a solubility enhancer: improvement of rectal bioavailability김진기
2017-07Time-dependent Inhibition of CYP2C8 and CYP2C19 by Hedera helix Extracts, A Traditional Respiratory Herbal Medicine유혜현
2016-08Timosaponin AIII inhibits migration and invasion of A549 human non-small-cell lung cancer cells via attenuations of MMP-2 and MMP-9 by inhibitions of ERK1/2, Src/FAK and beta-catenin signaling pathways류종석
2015-06TLR2, but not TLR4, plays a predominant role in the immune responses to cholera vaccines김동욱
2017-07Toralactone glycoside in Cassia obtusifolia mediates hepatoprotection via an Nrf2-dependent anti-oxidative mechanism김영미
2018-12Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Sericetin for Protection against Cisplatin-Induced Acute Kidney Injury배옥남
2019-04Transferrin-conjugated pH-sensitive platform for effective delivery of porous palladium nanoparticles and paclitaxel in cancer treatment최한곤
2019-02Transferrin-Conjugated Polymeric Nanoparticle for Receptor-Mediated Delivery of Doxorubicin in Doxorubicin-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells최한곤
2016-03Treatment of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis by inhaled tacrolimus-loaded chitosan-coated poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles최한곤
2015-12Trends in Antiepileptic Drug Prescriptions for Childhood Epilepsy at a Tertiary Children's Hospital in Korea, 2001-2012이주연
2005-09Trials of clear aceclofenac-loaded soft capsules with accelerated oral absorption in human subjects최한곤
2006-10Trials of novel C-13-urea-containing capsule for more economic and sensitive diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in human subjects최한곤
2009-09Trivalent methylated arsenical-induced phosphatidylserine exposure and apoptosis in platelets may lead to increased thrombus formation배옥남