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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Quantitative and Pattern Recognition Analyses for the Quality Evaluation of Herba Epimedii by HPLC유혜현
2017-05Rabies Virus-Inspired Silica-Coated Gold Nanorods as a Photothermal Therapeutic Platform for Treating Brain Tumors최한곤
2017-12Rapid identification of methylglyoxal trapping constituents from onion peels by pre-column incubation method김철영
2008-06Rapid identification of radical scavenging compounds in blueberry extract by HPLC coupled to an on-line ABTS based assay and HPLC-ESI/MS김철영
2009-10Rapid Identification of Radical Scavenging Phenolic Compounds from Black Bamboo Leaves using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled to an Online ABTS(+)-Based Assay김철영
2006-02Rapid quantitative determination of L-FMAU-TP from human peripheral-blood mononuclear cells of hepatitis B virus-infected patients treated with L-FMAU by ion-pairing, reverse-phase, liquid chromatography/electrospray tandem mass spectrometry유혜현
2019-02A Rare Threono-1,4-Lactone Containing Flavone Glycoside from Cassia nomame김철영
2019-01Rational combination immunotherapeutic approaches for effective cancer treatment최한곤
2009-08Rdh12 Activity and Effects on Retinoid Processing in the Murine Retina김철영
2016-07Receptor-targeted, drug-loaded, functionalized graphene oxides for chemotherapy and photothermal therapy최한곤
2001-06Reduced Amide Bond Peptidomimetics. (4S)-N-(4-Amino-5-[aminoalkyl]aminopentyl)-N'-nitroguanidines, Potent and Highly Selective Inhibitors of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase하정미
2016-12Reduced metabolic activity of gut microbiota by antibiotics can potentiate the antithrombotic effect of aspirin배옥남
2016-12Reduced metabolic activity of gut microbiota by antibiotics can potentiate the antithrombotic effect of aspirin유혜현
2005-10Reduction of Oncogene Expression in Cancer Cells Using siRNA Delivery Systems최한곤
2005-06Regioselective addition of n-alkyllithiums to alpha,alpha '-disubstituted-1,8-naphthyridines: Synthesis of 6-amino-3-pyridinol analogs of alpha-tocopherol남태규
2018-05Regulatory T cell-targeted hybrid nanoparticles combined with immuno-checkpoint blockage for cancer immunotherapy최한곤
2002-03Relation of dynamic changes in interfacial tension to protein destabilization upon emulsification최한곤
2004-04Release behavior and photo-image of nifedipine tablet coated with high viscosity grade hydroxypropylmethylcellulose: effect of coating conditions최한곤
2018-09Reliable quantification of trace diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins in high-lipid bivalves by UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS in time segment polarity switching mode: Comparison of three extraction methods유혜현
2017-03Replication of Vibrio cholerae classical CTX phage김동욱