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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03An efficient variable interdependency-identification and decomposition by minimizing redundant computations for large-scale global optimization김경수
2020-04기업 R&D 활성화를 위한 정부 재정지원 방안과 법적 근거에 대한 고찰송기민
2020-03Pretreatment of polysaccharidic wastes with cellulolytic Aspergillus fumigatus for enhanced production of biohythane in a dual-stage processSAHA, Shouvik
2020-02청소년의 게임 과몰입 영향요인에 관한 연구: 학교급(초․중․고)에 따른 차이를 중심으로최진호
2020-02Origin of CO2-philic Sorption by Graphene Oxide Layered Nanosheets and Their Derivatives노지수
2019-12Understanding Gas Transport Behavior Through Few-Layer Graphene Oxide Membranes Controlled by Tortuosity and Interlayer Spacing노지수
2019-06Non-contact respiration monitoring using impulse radio ultrawideband radar in neonates송기민
2019-11Plant and microalgae consortium for an enhanced biodegradation of sulfamethazineXiong, Jiu Qiang
2019-11Orthogonal pattern of spinnable multiwall carbon nanotubes for electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness심현준
2019-10Antenna performance improvement by utilizing a small parasitic slot in stacked PCBs for IoT devicesQu, Longyue
2019-11A Novel Structure for Improving Erase Performance of Vertical Channel NAND Flash With an Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Channel최선준
2019-12Self-Healing Electrode with High Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Strength for Artificial Electronic Skin심현준
2019-11Self-Powered Coiled Carbon-Nanotube Yarn Sensor for Gastric Electronics심현준
2019-08Compact wideband MIMO mobile-antenna system design using mode-based decoupling techniquesQu, Longyue
2019-08Biological Conversion of Amino Acids to Higher AlcoholsSaha, Shouvik
2019-08Compact circularly polarised antenna utilising the radiation of the ground plane based on the theory of characteristic modesQu, Longyue
2019-11Highly efficient flexible organic light-emitting devices based on PEDOT:PSS electrodes doped with highly conductive Pyronin B김대훈
2019-12Self-healing graphene oxide-based composite for electromagnetic interference shielding심현준
2019-07Sheath-run artificial muscles심현준
2019-07Improved Method for Interleaving Parameter Estimation in a Non-Cooperative Context김근배