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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06국민건강보험법상 보험료부과체계에 관한 법적 고찰-지역가입자 생활수준 및 경제활동 참가율 부과기준 중 성과 연령을 중심으로 -송기민
2014-03Efficient Implementation of Statistical Model-Based Voice Activity Detection Using Taylor Series Approximation이수정
2014-06Enhanced dewaterability of anaerobically digested sewage sludge using Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans culture as sludge conditionerMayur Bharat Kurade
2014-08Decolorization and degradation of xenobiotic azo dye Reactive Yellow-84A and textile effluent by Galactomyces geotrichumMayur Bharat Kurade
2014-06The effects of salinity on the growth and biochemical properties of Chlamydomonas mexicana GU732420 cultivated in municipal wastewaterEl Sayed Adel Farid Salama
2014-06Cultivation of a new microalga, Micractinium reisseri, in municipal wastewater for nutrient removal, biomass, lipid, and fatty acid productionEl Sayed Adel Farid Salama
2014-02On Employing Nonparametric Bootstrap Technique in Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement for Confidence Interval Estimation이수정
2014-08Oriented edge-selective band-pass filtering박영빈
2014-04Effect of mine wastewater on nutrient removal and lipid production by a green microalga Micratinium reisseri from concentrated municipal wastewaterEl Sayed Adel Farid Salama
2014-10Influence of ferrous ions on extracellular polymeric substances content and sludge dewaterability during bioleachingMayur Bharat Kurade