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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Platformizing Webtoons: The Impact on Creative and Digital Labor in South Korea김지현
2020-12Self-publishing as Mnemotechnics: A Study of South Korean Self-publishers and the Materialisation of Memory김지현
2020-12형사절차를 전제로 한 현행 추후보도청구 요건의 입법론적 개선방안: 행정처분에 대한 구제 사각지대 논의를 중심으로이재진
2020-11"Friending" Journalists on Social Media: Effects on Perceived Objectivity and Intention to Consume News이자연
2020-09공유경제의 담론정치: 정부와 지자체 정책보고서의 비판적 담론분석류웅재
2020-08인터넷 개인방송 불법・유해 콘텐츠 규제제도 개선방안이재진
2020-06유튜브 콘텐츠에 재현된 온라인 공간에서의 민족주의-‘외국인 리액션’ 콘텐츠를 중심으로-류웅재
2020-054차 산업혁명 시대, 구글 알파벳의 대응 전략 분석 : 자원기반이론(Resource-Based Theory)을 중심으로한동섭
2020-04Mapping Social Distress: A Computational Approach to Spatiotemporal Distribution of Anxiety손동영
2020-04범죄보도에서 알 권리와 인격권의 조화 — 수사공보규정에 대한 비판적 분석을 중심으로 —한동섭
2020-04'사이 공간’(in-betweeen space)에서의 소리, 공간, 이동의 상관성 연구: 인천국제공항의 사례를 중심으로안동근
2018-04A Comprehensive Review of the North American Hotel Industry: An Application of the Value Chain ModelYIYANG SUN
2018-04What Affects the Revisit Intention of Chinese Tourists to Macao?YIYANG SUN
2018-01Where do tourists stay overnight in Macau?YIYANG SUN
2017-04Chinese hotel guest perception of international chain hotels under the same hotel brand in different travel destinations: The cases of intercontinental and SheratonYIYANG SUN
2017-03From Information Technology to Mobile Information Technology: Applications in Hospitality and TourismYIYANG SUN
2017-01An updated comprehensive review of website evaluation studies in hospitality and tourismSUN, YIYANG
2019-01Impact of cultural values on technology acceptance and technology readinessYIYANG SUN
2016-12A systematic review of China’s outbound tourism researchSUN, YIYANG
2014-03Effects of Perceived Justice for Coaches on Athletes' Trust, Commitment, and Perceived Performance: A Study of Futsal and Volleyoall Players현성협