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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12"I may sound like a native speaker horizontal ellipsis but I'm not": identities of Korean English teachers with border-crossing experience이문우
2020-09Ideologies of English and English Teaching in Vietnamese Private Language Institutions’ Facebook Adverts전유아
2020-08On the Acquisition and Use of the English Comp System by Korean Learners of English: A Case Study Focused on Interrogation안성호
2020-08Korean EFL Learners’ Approach to and Perception of Computer-Sugpported Collaborative Writing김성연
2020-06한국인 영어 학습자의 쓰기능력별 어휘 및 연어 사용 양상 분석김성연
2020-03Teacher Motivational Strategies for EFL Learners: For Better or Worse전유아
2020-03Direct Writing, Translated Writing, and Machine-Translated Writing: A Text Level Analysis with Coh-Metrix전유아
2020-01Language ideologies of Korean mothers with preschool-aged children: comparison, money, and early childhood English education이문우
2020-01Language Ideologies of Korean Mothers with Preschool-aged Children: Comparison, Money, and Early Childhood English Education한문섭
2020-01On the acquisition and use of the English Comp system by Korean learners of English: A case study focused on interrogation안성호
2018-12Effects of Input- and Output-based Planning on Korean College Students’ Communication Strategy and Speaking Anxiety김성연
2018-12A corpus analysis of collocational behaviors of near-synonymous adjectives김성연
2018-11Translation revisited for low-proficiency EFL writers이문우
2018-09초임 영어교사들의 ‘교사되기’: 그들이 겪는 어려움과 극복방안을 중심으로이문우
2018-06EFL Middle School Learners’ Lexical Profile and Academic Motivation During a Reading Course전유아
2018-06학습자 영어 수준과 듣기 문항 유형의 차이에 따른고등학생들의 영어 듣기 전략 사용김성연
2018-05한국인 학습자와 영어 원어민의 구어 및 문어 코퍼스에나타난 개별 어휘 및 다어휘 표현 비교・분석전유아
2018-03영어로 매개된 기초 영어학 강좌를 통한 비판적 문식성 신장 방안: ‘거꾸로 학습’적 접근안성호
2017-12Motivational and Strategic Profiles of EFL University Learners as Predictors of L2 Reading Proficiency전유아
2017-12탈북학생들을 위한 다문화 영어교육 프로그램에 대한 실행연구: 영어 읽기 역량, 자아존중감, 그리고 학습 기량을 중심으로안성호