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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02Mass cytometric study on the heterogeneity in cellular association and cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in primary human immune cells최장식
2020-02Anterior cruciate ligament remnant cells have different potentials for cell differentiation based on their location조성신
2020-02해방 후 최초의 한국영화 관련 서술이 지니는 영화사적 함의 : 해방 초기(1945~1946) 영화 제작 경향과 담론 양상을 중심으로함충범
2019-07Evaluation of Infrared Radiation Combined with Hot Air Convection for Energy-Efficient Drying of BiomassBasak, Bikram
2019-05Biodegradation of high concentration phenol using sugarcane bagasse immobilized Candida tropicalis PHB5 in a packed-bed column reactorBasak, Bikram
2020-01Implementation of Complementary Model using Optimal Combination of Hematological Parameters for Sepsis Screening in Patients with Fever최장식
2020-01DKK1 Induced by 1,25D3 Is Required for the Mineralization of Osteoblasts조성신
2019-12Hybrid Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving in On-Road Dynamic Scenarios임원택
2019-111960년대 한국 SF 괴수영화와 동북아시아 영화 교류⋅관계의 양상함충범
2019-10cdc37 is essential for JNK pathway activation and wound closure in Drosophila권영창
2019-10Automatic Longitudinal Regenerative Control of EVs Based on a Driver Characteristics-Oriented Deceleration Model민경한
2019-10Common Repository of FBS Proteins (cRFP) To Be Added to a Search Database for Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Cell Secretome나승진
2019-09MODplus: Robust and Unrestrictive Identification of Post-Translational Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry나승진
2019-09Multi-Level Deceleration Planning Based on Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Autonomous Regenerative Braking of EV민경한
2019-09Deceleration Planning Algorithm Based on Classified Multi-Layer Perceptron Models for Smart Regenerative Braking of EV in Diverse Deceleration Conditions민경한
2019-10Update on the Genetics of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Genome-Wide Association Studies and Beyond권영창
2019-08Diesel Engine Model with Multi-Model Correction of Intake Manifold Pressure민경한
2019-09한국영화의 출발 기점에 관한 재고찰 : 영화사에서의 ‘1919년론’을 중심으로함충범
2019-08Hybrid Local Route Generation Combining Perception and a Precise Map for Autonomous Cars이민철
2019-10Vehicle Deceleration Prediction Model to Reflect Individual Driver Characteristics by Online Parameter Learning for Autonomous Regenerative Braking of Electric Vehicles민경한