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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12TGFβ1 Suppressed Matrix Mineralization of Osteoblasts Differentiation by Regulating SMURF1-C/EBPβ-DKK1 Axis조성신
2020-12Characteristics of self-healable laponite-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels prepared by γ-ray irradiation유정주
2020-12알럼 슬러지 기반 흡착제를 이용한 수용액상 불소 및 비소 흡착에 관한 연구박성숙
2020-12최은희 감독 영화에 대한 분석적 고찰 : ˂민며느리˃(1965)와 ˂공주님의 짝사랑˃(1967)을 중심으로함충범
2020-122인 가구의 wellness를 위한 공동주택 주거서비스 및 커뮤니티 개발 방향조명은
2020-11Fall characteristics among elderly populations in urban and rural areas in Korea남은우
2020-11Metabolic Syndrome and Colorectal Cancer Risk: Results of Propensity Score-Based Analyses in a Community-Based Cohort Study박은정
2020-11Cooperative deep learning inversion of controlled-source electromagnetic data for salt delineation설순지
2020-11Nitration of protein phosphatase 2A increases via Epac1/PLCε/CaMKII/HDAC5/iNOS cascade in human endometrial stromal cell decidualization박신영
2020-111D hypo-crystals: A novel concept for the crystallization of stereo-irregular polymers심재현
2020-111D hypo-crystals: A novel concept for the crystallization of stereo-irregular polymers유정주
2020-11A Riemannian geometric framework for manifold learning of non-Euclidean data장청재
2020-10Hydrogen Impacts of PEALD InGaZnO TFTs Using SiOx Gate Insulators Deposited by PECVD and PEALD정현준
2020-10Impact of environmental exposure to persistent organic pollutants on lung cancer risk박은정
2020-10Application of bioelectromethanation using an electroactive methanogen for the biogas upgrading최옥경
2020-11Eutectic friction transfer lithography: a facile solid-state route for highly crystalline semiconducting polymers심재현
2020-10ANXA11 mutations in ALS cause dysregulation of calcium homeostasis and stress granule dynamics남민엽
2020-10Effect of Additional Motivational Interviewing on Smoking Abstinence for 1-Year among Korean Adolescents: Results from A Comparative Retrospective Study in Quitline박은정
2020-10홍은원 감독의 영화 연출 경향 연구 : ˂여판사˃(1962)를 중심으로함충범
2020-10황혜미 감독의 영화 시나리오 연구 : ˂첫경험˃(1970), ˂슬픈 꽃잎이 질 때˃(1972), ˂관계˃(1972)를 중심으로함충범