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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-28Compliance Current-Controlled Conducting Filament Formation in Tantalum Oxide-Based RRAM Devices with Different Top ElectrodesABBAS, HAIDER
2020-03Graphene Foam Cantilever Produced via Simultaneous Foaming and Doping Effect of an Organic Coagulant엄원식
2020-03Room-Temperature, Highly Durable Ti3C2Tx MXene/Graphene Hybrid Fibers for NH3 Gas Sensing엄원식
2018-07Prediction of wall impingement in a direct injection spark ignition engine by analyzing spray images for high-pressure injection up to 50 MPa박준규
2017-10Relative Measurement of the Acoustic Nonlinearity Parameter using Laser Detection of an Ultrasonic Wave김종범
2017-10Absolute Measurement and Relative Measurement of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameters김종범
2017-08초음파 비선형 파라미터 측정에서 표면 조도의 영향김종범
2017-05A Method to Estimate the Absolute Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Parameter from Relative Measurements김종범
2017-02Photosynthetic CO2 Conversion to Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEEs) Using Engineered Cyanobacteria김연제
2017-01A new role of supercritical ethanol in macroalgae liquefaction (Saccharina japonica): Understanding ethanol participation, yield, and energy efficiency김연제
2017-01Mechanical Properties of Mo-Si-B Alloys Fabricated by Using Core-shell Powder with Dispersion of Yttria Nanoparticles변종민
2017-01Assessment of Thermal Degradation by Cumulative Variation of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameter김종범
2016-10Photosynthetic conversion of CO2 to farnesyl diphosphate-derived phytochemicals (amorpha-4,11-diene and squalene) by engineered cyanobacteria김연제
2016-07A Phenomenological Analysis on the Anisotropic Shrinkage of Nd-Fe-B Compacts During Sintering Process변종민
2016-07저온 브레이징용 Al-Si-Cu 합금의 Sn 첨가에 따른융점 및 기계적 특성 변화 연구변종민
2016-06Microstructure and electrical properties of SiC dispersed molybdenum silicide composite변종민
2016-06CNTs 합성을 통해 향상된 비표면적을 갖는 Ti 다공체의 제조변종민
2016-05High-yield and high-calorific bio-oil production from concentrated sulfuric acid hydrolysis lignin in supercritical ethanol김연제
2014-10High-yield hydrogen production by supercritical water gasification of various feedstocks: Alcohols, glucose, glycerol and long-chain alkanes김연제
2011-08병렬과 영역분할을 이용한 폭발하중을 받는철근콘크리트패널의 해석윤성환