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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01A proposal on multi-response CADIS method to optimize reduction of regional variances in hybrid Monte Carlo simulation신창호
2016-09A Proposal on Evaluation Method of Neutron Absorption Performance to Substitute Conventional Neutron Attenuation Test신창호
2014-09A New Approach to Check and Diagnose the Fission Source Convergence in Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations김송현
2014-03Fabrication and physical properties of lanthanide oxide glass wasteform for the immobilization of lanthanide oxide wastes generated from pyrochemical process김송현
2014-12A feasibility study on the criticality control method using radioactive vitrified forms for spent fuel storage김송현
2016-01On-the-fly Estimation Strategy for Uncertainty Propagation in Two-Step Monte Carlo Calculation for Residual Radiation Analysis신창호
2015-05A Proposal on the Alternative Sampling-based Modeling Method of Spherical Particles in Stochastic Media for Monte Carlo Simulation김송현
2015-05An evaluation of the design and performance for a new neutron absorber based on an artificial rare-earth compound김송현
2015-04A proposal on accuracy estimation method for the sampling-based uncertainty analysis with Monte Carlo simulation technique김송현