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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02A Highly Linear 10-Bit DAC of Data Driver IC Using Source Degeneration Load for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Displays홍성관
2020-02Soft Recovery Process of Mechanically Degraded Flexible a-IGZO TFTs With Various Rolling Stresses and Defect Simulation Using TCAD Simulation정현준
2020-02Transparent Flexible High Mobility TFTs Based on ZnON Semiconductor With Dual Gate Structure정현준
2019-06A Fast Transient and Low Power Capacitor-less Low-dropout Regulator using Advanced Dynamic Biasing Method홍성관
2020-01Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Buffer in InGaZnO Transistors under Repetitive Bending Stress for High Electrical and Mechanical Stability정현준
2019-11A Temperature Compensation Method by Adjusting Gamma Voltages for High Luminance Uniformity of Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Displays홍성관
2019-08A 4410-ppi Resolution Pixel Circuit for High Luminance Uniformity of OLEDoS Microdisplays홍성관
2018-12A Fast and Highly Accurate Battery Charger With Accurate Built-In Resistance Detection홍성관
2018-12An Ultra-Low-Power 16-Bit Second-Order Incremental ADC With SAR-Based Integrator for IoT Sensor Applications홍성관
2018-08A Highly Accurate Current LED Lamp Driver With Removal of Low-Frequency Flicker Using Average Current Control Method홍성관
2018-08A Highly Linear and Accurate Fork-Shaped Electrode Pattern for Large-Sized Capacitive Touch Screen Panels홍성관
2018-07A Low-Power Analog Delay Line Using a Current-Splitting Method for 3-D Ultrasound Imaging Systems홍성관
2018-06An Active Matrix Micro-Pixelated LED Display Driver for High Luminance Uniformity Using Resistance Mismatch Compensation Method홍성관
2018-04Capacitive Touch Systems With Styli for Touch Sensors: A Review홍성관
2018-04Highly accurate average current controller using charge sharing method for LED lamp driver홍성관
2018-03An AMOLED pixel circuit for high image quality of 1000ppi mobile displays in AR and VR applications홍성관
2018-03High-efficient inverting buck-boost converter with fully digital-controlled switch width modulation for microdisplays홍성관
2018-01A Low-Power 12-Bit Extended Counting ADC Without Calibration for CMOS Image Sensors홍성관
2018-01A 3.9-kHz Frame Rate and 61.0-dB SNR Analog Front-End IC With 6-bit Pressure and Tilt Angle Expressions of Active Stylus Using Multiple-Frequency Driving Method for Capacitive Touch Screen Panels홍성관
2018-01A fully integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converter with hybrid output regulation홍성관