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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Factors Affecting the Incidence of Hospitalized Pneumonia after Influenza Infection in Korea Using the National Health Insurance Research Database, 2014-2018: Focusing on the Effect of Antiviral Therapy in the 2017 Flu Season변경향
2020-07The Correlation of Comorbidities on the Mortality in Patients with COVID-19: an Observational Study Based on the Korean National Health Insurance Big Data변경향
2020-06Compliance of Antihypertensive Medication and Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019: a Cohort Study Using Big Data from the Korean National Health Insurance Service변경향
2020-05Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Influenza in Koreans: the National Health Insurance Research Database, 2009-2018변경향
2017-06Association between built environment and moderate to vigorous physical activity in Korean adults: a multilevel analysis이은영
2017-064대 중증질환 보장성 강화 정책이 의료비에 미친 영향김관옥
2017-06의사-환자 관계에서 '환자가 의사를 신뢰단다'의 의미고찰김민정
2017-06개인 및 가구특성과 물리적 환경이 거주민의 우울에 미치는 영향 연구이은영
2017-02민간의료보험 가입이 의료비에 미친 영향:실손의료보험을 중심으로김관옥
2016-06국민건강보험 보장성 강화 정책이 가계민간의료보험료에 미친 영향김관옥
2013-02Characteristics of metabolic syndrome based on clustering pattern among Korean adolescents: findings from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007–200이은영
2014-11Environmental influences on youth eating habits: Insights from parents and teachers in South Korea박소현
2014-09Relationship between Socioeconomic Position and Suicide Attempts among the Korean Adolescents이은영
2014-12Early Adulthood: An Overlooked Age Group in National Sodium Reduction Initiatives in South Korea.박소현
2014-12Reliability and validity of a scale for health-promoting schools이은영
2014-11Objective and Subjective Socioeconomic Position and Current Smoking Among Korean Adolescents이은영
2014-10한국 청소년의 정신건강이 비만에 미치는 영향김관옥
2016-03개인, 사회물리적 환경과 서울시 어린이 신체활동 및 좌식행동이은영
2015-02Understanding school health environment through interviews with key stakeholders in Lao PDR, Mongolia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.박소현
2015-01Association between living arrangements and depressive symptoms among older women and men in South Korea오동훈