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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04Pillar Effect in Ni‐rich Cathode of Li‐Ion Battery by NH 3 Thermal Treatment무하마드 아와이스
2021-05Transforming bad electrocatalysts into good ones: Dual functional hot H2S treatment무하마드 아와이스
2021-02Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Porous Ceramic-Supported CeO2 Nanocatalyst for COx-free H2 Evolution조홍백
2021-02Through-plane high thermal conducting networks with incorporation of graphene nanoplatelets in nanocomposite film under electric field by avoiding breakdown voltage조홍백
2021-03Design and Synthesis of Barium Ferrite based Hybrid Film with Highly Regulated Linear Structures조홍백
2021-03Removal performance and mechanism of anti-eutrophication anions of phosphate by CaFe layered double hydroxides조홍백
2021-03Structure-modulated CaFe-LDHs with superior simultaneous removal of deleterious anions and corrosion protection of steel rebar조홍백
2021-04Segregation-controlled Self-assembly of Silver Nanowire Networks by a Template-free Solution-based Process조홍백
2017-03Cell-Free Hydrogel System Based on a Tissue-Specific Extracellular Matrix for In Situ Adipose Tissue Regeneration최지숙
2015-07An Electrochemical Biosensor Based on a Myoglobin-specific Binding Peptide for Early Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction최지숙
2017-01Thermo-responsive human α-elastin self-assembled nanoparticles for protein delivery최지숙