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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08Comparative investigation on heat transfer enhancement of surface-roughened and nano-dispersed phase change material for thermal energy storage라비찬드란 산토쉬
2021-01Steel Corrosion in Calcium Aluminate Cement Mortar against Chloride조원정
2021-01Freeze–Thaw Resistance of Ternary Blended Concrete Using Ferronickel Slag조원정
2021-01Analysis of Transmission Efficiency of a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Based on Operating Modes이웅
2021-03Mobility of Chloride in Concrete Subjected to Electrochemical Treatment조원정
2021-04A Real-Time Intelligent Speed Optimization Planner Using Reinforcement Learning이웅
2021-04High-voltage asymmetric metal–air batteries based on polymeric single-Zn2+-ion conductor삼바지 시바지 신데
2021-04Ampere-hour-scale zinc–air pouch cells삼바지 시바지 신데
2021-05A Real-Time Intelligent Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Reinforcement Learning이웅
2021-06전로슬래그 및 페로니켈슬래그를 혼입한 모르타르의 기초물성 연구조원정
2022-03Performance evaluation and optimization of humidification–dehumidification desalination system for low-grade waste heat energy application라비찬드란 산토쉬
2022-03Optimized modeling and experimental investigation on the thermal/electrical characteristics of MWCNT nanofluid for effective solar thermal applications라비찬드란 산토쉬
2021-09Novel Analysis Methodology of Cavity Pressure Profiles in Injection-Molding Processes Using Interpretation of Machine Learning Model김진수
2021-09Heuristic Iron–Cobalt-Mediated Robust pH-Universal Oxygen Bifunctional Lusters for Reversible Aqueous and Flexible Solid-State Zn–Air Cells삼바지 시바지 신데
2021-11Corrosion behavior of steel in a mortar containing ferronickel slag조원정
2021-10Data-Driven Analysis of the Correlation of Future Information and Costates for PMP-based Energy Management Strategy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle이웅
2021-11Generic Representations for Hybrid Powertrain Configurations이웅
2021-12Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Converter Slag Aggregate for Blended Mortar Based on CT Scanning조원정
2008-12CAD 객체 정보에 기초한 공간 정보 네트워크 모델의 구성 프로세스와 활용방안이윤선
2008-12시스템 사고를 활용한 건축생산성향상 전략 수립에 관한 연구이윤선