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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20211-Dimensional SnO2 Nanorod based Electron Transport Layers for the High Performance Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells김동환
2020-02100℃ 미만의 저온에서 질소산화물과 황산화물을 동시에 제거하기 위한 흡수액 합성 및 평가조현정
2011-021차원 산화구리 나노막대의 제조와 올레핀 촉진수송 운반체로의 응용박지연
2007-022-Alkynylbenzaldehydes의 Baylis-Hillman 생성물로부터 Dipolar 경로를 통한 Naphtho[2,1-c]isoxazoles의 합성지상훈
2011-082-Azidobenzaldehydes 의 Baylis–Hillman acetates 로 부터 2-alkoxy-3-cyanomethylquinolines 의 합성정은미
2011-022-Azidobenzaldehydes의 Morita–Baylis–Hillman acetates로부터 퀴놀린 유도체의 합성김혜정
2014-082-아미노페놀 그룹을 갖는 모노머 합성최지수
20223D Hierarchical Chiral Plasmonic Wavy Patterns with Visible to Short-wave Infrared Chiroptical Responses곽세란
2014-023차원 계층구조 형상의 TiO2 입자를 이용한 염료감응형 태양전지의 이중층 구조 제조송경호
2020-02A comparative analysis of PtCo/C and Pt/C catalyst electrode fabricated by hot and humid electrostatic spray deposition for PEMFC홍채원
2010-02A facile synthetic approach to fabricate monodisperse silica composite particles이용근
2010-08A general electrolyte-electrode-assembly modeling of solid oxide fuel cells정진수
2021A Highly Self-healable Elastomer Based on the Urea Oligomers for the Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Long-term Storage Stability최기원
2014-02A New Synthetic Study on Medium Sized Oxacycles using the Baylis-Hillman Adducts안상현
2015-02A Polymeric Microgel Template for Fabrication of Energy Materials: Design, Properties and Applications임형석
2007-02A Solution to Free Radical-induced Decomposition of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes황신영
2024A study of Kolbe electrolysis using High-Energy Facet Pt electrode이혜란
2019A study of niobium-containing nanosheets by liquid state mixing and its activity in dehydration of 2-heptanolJongha Park
2021A Study on Anaerobic Digestion Characteristic of Rice Husk depending on Substrate Conditions박선영
2023A Study on Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Methanol over Pt/YSZ Catalysts with High H₂ Selectivity and Hydrothermal Stability박동운