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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Tailored layer-by-layer deposition of silica reinforced polyelectrolyte layers on polymer microcapsules for enhanced antioxidant cargo retention김진웅
2017-06Tandem malonate-based glucosides (TMGs) for membrane protein structural studies채필석
2016-10Tandem neopentyl glycol maltosides (TNMs) for membrane protein stabilisation채필석
2018-11Targeted cellular delivery of robust enzyme nanoparticles for the treatment of drug-induced hepatotoxicity and liver injury임동우
2016-05The targeted delivery of the c-Src peptide complexed with schizophyllan to macrophages inhibits polymicrobial sepsis and ulcerative colitis in mice양철수
2011-07A Tcf/Lef element within the enhancer region of the human NANOG gene plays a role in promoter activation정일엽
2015-10Techniques for optoelectronic performance evaluation in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes신동수
2019-03Temperature effects on the propagation and Landau damping of the dust surface waves정영대
2016-08Temperature-responsive Hydrogels Synthesized from Photo-Polymerizable Poloxamer Macromers for Topical Skin Moisturizing김진웅
2012-08Template-Free Uniform-Sized Hollow Hydrogel Capsules with Controlled Shell Permeation and Optical Responsiveness김진웅
2017-03Temporal characteristics of electrostatic surface waves in a cold complex plasma containing collision-dominated ion flow정영대
2011-01Terminalia chebula Extract Acts as a Potential NF-kappa B Inhibitor in Human Lymphoblastic T Cells채영규
2017-12Terminally Differentiating Eosinophils Express Neutrophil Primary Granule Proteins as well as Eosinophil-specific Granule Proteins in a Temporal Manner정일엽
2022The BET inhibitor Attenuates the Inflammatory Response and Cell Migration in Human Microglial HMC3 Cells유은영
2021The Synthesis of Carboxylated PBAMO, Triazolated PBAMO and Ferrocenyl Carboxylated GAP Copolymers복미란
2017-05Theoretical evaluation of the structure-activity relationship in graphene-based electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions이상욱
2018-01Theoretical investigation on the ground state properties of the hexaamminecobalt(III) and nitro-nitrito linkage isomerism in pentaamminecobalt(III) in vacuo이상욱
2020-08Therapeutic effects of Toxoplasma gondii Dense granule protein 8 induced mitochondrial resuscitation in sepsis and cancer김재성
2019-02Thermally-Induced Actuations of Stimuli-Responsive, Bicompartmental Nanofibers for Decoupled Drug Release임동우
2018-04Thiolated Gold Nanoclusters for Light Energy Conversion방진호