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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04Influence of collective nonideal shielding on fusion reaction in partially ionized classical nonideal plasmas정영대
2015-12Influence of Dupree diffusivity on the occurrence scattering time advance in turbulent plasmas정영대
2013-11Influence of Electron Exchange and Quantum Shielding on the Elastic Collisions in Quantum Plasmas정영대
2015-02Influence of electron spin-interaction on the propagation of the symmetric and anti-symmetric surface plasma waves in a quantum plasma slab정영대
2017-04Influence of electron-electron collisions on the propagation of ion-acoustic space-charge waves in a warm plasma waveguide정영대
2015-03Influence of electron-neutral collisions on the Compton scattering cross section and the Salpeter structure factor in warm collisional plasmas정영대
2016-03Influence of electron-spin interaction on the electrostatic space-charge wave in a cylindrical waveguide quantum plasma정영대
2016-12Influence of field and geometric configurations on the mode conversion characteristics of hybrid waves in a magnetoplasma slab정영대
2017-10Influence of Kohn singularity on the occurrence scattering time in degenerate quantum collisional plasmas정영대
2015-05Influence of magnetic field and density on the streaming instability in magnetized pair plasmas정영대
2014-09Influence of oscillatory quantum shielding on scattering-induced spin-asymmetry and spin-channel preference in quantum plasmas정영대
2012-02Influence of pair annihilation on the ponderomotive magnetization in quantum electron-positron plasmas정영대
2019-04Influence of plasma turbulence and exchange-correlation on electron scattering in turbulent plasmas: Spin-interference정영대
2015-01Influence of quantum diffraction and shielding on electron-ion collision in two-component semiclassical plasmas정영대
2015-04Influence of renormalization shielding on the electron-impact ionization process in dense partially ionized plasmas정영대
2012-04Influence of the dynamic plasma screening on the Ramsauer phenomena for the polarization collision in thermal plasmas정영대
2012-02Influence of the dynamic plasma shielding on the elastic electron-ion collision in turbulent plasmas정영대
2013-10Influence of the electron-exchange and quantum shielding on the bremsstrahlung spectrum in degenerate quantum plasmas정영대
2012-03Influence of the ion wake-field on the collisional entanglement fidelity in complex dusty plasmas정영대
2012-10Influence of the ion wake-field on the eikonal cross section for the electron-dust collision in dusty plasmas정영대
2012-05Influence of the nonlinear dynamic plasma screening on the electron-dust collision in dusty plasmas정영대
2012-06Influence of the nonthermal plasma shielding on the ion collisions in Lorentzian semiclassical plasmas정영대
2012-02Influence of the oscillatory quantum screening on the occurrence scattering time in electron-ion quantum plasmas정영대
2013-05Influence of the Plasma Absorption on the Longitudinal Dust Lattice Waves in Dusty Plasmas정영대
2014-03Influence of the quantum interference on the bosonic and fermionic ion-ion collisions정영대
2012-02Influence of the renormalization plasma screening on the electron-atom collision in partially ionized plasmas정영대
2016-11Inverse Compton power and cooling time in a quantum Fermi-Dirac plasma including the quantum degeneracy pressure정영대
2016-10Ion streaming instability of dust-acoustic surface waves in a semi-infinite Lorentzian complex plasma정영대
2011-10Ion temperature effects on the occurrence scattering time in dusty plasmas정영대
2016-03Ion wake field effects on the dust-ion-acoustic surface mode in a semi-bounded Lorentzian dusty plasma정영대