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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04구어체 어말어미 ‘-거든’과 ‘-더라’의 담화기능김명희
2009-12An Elliptical Coordination Analysis of the Right Dislocated Construction in Korean정대호
2010-02Left Node Raising as a Shared Node Raising정대호
2011-04A Constituency-based Explanation of Syntactic Restrictions on Korean Predicates정대호
2011-05Remarks on the Midway Conjunction Analysis of RNR Constructions정대호
2011-08Some Notes on External Remerge정대호
2012-11Pre- vs. Post-verbal Asymmetries and the Syntax of Korean Right Dislocated Construction정대호
2015-11Relation Between Recast and Uptake: A Longitudinal Study in KSL Context이다미
2012-05A New Negro Destined to Fail: Helga’s Struggle with Double Consciousness in Quicksand장정우
2012-06Whitman’s Political and Cultural Encounter with Carlyle and Arnold장정우
2012-08Dickinson’s Circumferential Reading of the Bible: The Authority of Poetic Language over the Bible장정우
2013-05Breakable Fences and Unbreakable Fences: The Limits of Troy Maxson’s Dreams in Wilson’s Fences장정우
2011-11What Intervenes What?: the Flip Side of Intervention Effects황주현
2012-09Revisiting the particle -to in NPIs: on the issue of its quantificational status as even황주현
2013-11Typology of NPIs in Korean: Variation and Licensing황주현
2014-10Do we have true existential NPIs?: on the issue of indefinite-based NPI formation황주현
2005-12지시어 ‘이’, ‘그’, ‘저’의 지시 기능 습득 과정김명희
2006-08국어 의문사 '무슨'의 담화표지 기능김명희
2009-12A Quantitative Analysis of Collaborative Action in Korean and English Conversation: Interaction between Language and Culture김명희
2010-06Interactional Functions of Negative Interrogatives in Korean and English Conversation김명희