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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Elliptical Contrastive Topic Construction and Theories of Multi-elemental Fragments정대호
2020-07On Different Types of Negative Concord Items and Their Interpretation in Korean황주현
2020-07How Korean and Chinese Differ in the Licensing of Indeterminates정대호
2020-08Mr. Collins’s Secret Sermon in Pride and PrejudiceKenneth David Eckert
2020-09Lengthening and shortening processes in Korean강현숙
2020-06Frost in a Haunted House: Images of Frost in Emily Dickinson’s Poems장정우
2000-07한국인의 외국어 /sh/음에 대한 인지 연구-외래어 표기와 관련하여-강현숙
2000-09A Conjoined Constraint in Korean강현숙
2000-11『대리석 목양신』: 호손의 낭만적 주제와 이탈리아김용수
2000-12Literature and Society : Base - Identity in English Loanwords강현숙
2000-12On the Categorial Status of Interrogatives and Some Theoretical Implications정대호
2000-12제2언어습득: 이론과 문제점이다미
2000-12아카데미상 시상식 텔레비전 생방송 동시통역의 시간적 양상 연구이태형
2000-12Subject Deletion in Korean Texts이다미
2000-12On the Representation and Operation of WH-questions정대호
2000-12On the Structure and Interpretation of WH-less WH-Questions in Korean정대호
2000-12The Issue of an Individual in a Society Reflected in The Scarlet Letter김용수
2000-02Affixation to English Loanword강현숙
2000-05전환기 미국사회와 Hawthorne의 시대 인식: The House of the Seven Gables를 중심으로김용수
2000-05일본어 극어 dare-mo/-demo의 의미 연구정대호