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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-11Hawthorne and Romance: Rereading Fanshawe김용수
2004-12Is negative feedback effective for L2 acquisition이다미
2004-12/h/ in Korean: aspiration merger and /s/-tensification강현숙
2004-12A Multiple Dominance Analysis of Right Node Sharing Constructions정대호
2004-10Analysis of paired Korean simultaneous interpretation for a speech given in English이태형
2004-12Daniel Deronda에서 본 절대적 선의 결론유종인
2004-12멀티미디어 어학실에서의 대학 통역교육이태형
2004-09Syntactic ambiguity resolution in L1 and L2 Korean: A study of relative clause attachment이다미
2004-09A sentence processing study of relative clauses in Korean with two attachment sites이다미
2004-09Korean EFL Learners` Use of Conjunctions in Spoken Narratives김명희
2004-09Semantics and Syntax of Correlative Adverbs정대호
2004-09성서적 관점에서 본 앤토니와 클레오파트라: 클레오파트라의 교만, 음란, 파괴성강명순
2004-06호손의 단편들에서의 "시작(입문)"의 의미와 여성들의 역할김용수
2004-03Acquisition of L2 Through Internet Chat이다미
2004-02제2언어 습득: 내재적 언어능력 때문인가, 상호작용 때문인가?이다미
2019-12The Nature of Indeterminate Expressions in Chinese and Korean: Focused on Wh-phrases in Conditionals정대호
2019-12On the Locus of Negative Polarity Licensing in Korean: At Spec Domain or at Spec of NegP?정대호
2019-05Low-Cost 8mm/Super 8 Film Digitization Using a Canon 9000F II Flatbed Scanner and Photoshop: A Case StudyEckert, Kenneth David
2019-08사전 원고가 동시통역의 시간적 양상에 미치는 영향이태형
2019-05Some Notes on Ahn and Cho‘s (2017a, b, c) Approach to Fragment Answers in Korean정대호