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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-11WH-questions without WH-words정대호
1999-12Simultaneous Listening and Speaking in English into Korean Simultaneous Interpretation이태형
1999-12On WH-Doublets in Korean정대호
1999-12서평 : Daniel Gile. Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1995. pp. 277.이태형
1999-12A Complement Analysis of the Head Internal Relative Clauses정대호
1999-12An Extrametrical Consonant in Cairene Arabic and English within Optimality Theory강현숙
1999-12영한 동시통역에 있어서의 휴지 연구이태형
2022-02A New Look at Pygmalion: Alfred Doolittle and Henry Higgins as Absent (Substitute) FathersKenneth David Eckert
2022-03Coleridge’s Excursion into His Past in “Frost at Midnight”: Writing as Consolation for Memory장정우
2021-10Teaching liberal arts content via Wikipedia page authoring in an English language learning contextKenneth David Eckert
2021-11Hercule Poirot and the Tricky Performers of Stereotypes in Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient ExpressKenneth David Eckert
2021-11Two Challenges to the Cyclic Linearization Account of Fragmental Left Elements정대호
2021-12Dickinson’s Slant Poetics in Her Civil War Poems장정우
2021-12Neural Signatures of Intervention Effects in Korean way ‘why’ Questions: An ERP Study정대호
2021-02Elliptical Contrastive Topic Construction and Theories of Multi-elemental Fragments정대호
2020-07On Different Types of Negative Concord Items and Their Interpretation in Korean황주현
2020-07How Korean and Chinese Differ in the Licensing of Indeterminates정대호
2020-08Mr. Collins’s Secret Sermon in Pride and PrejudiceKenneth David Eckert
2020-09Lengthening and shortening processes in Korean강현숙
2020-06Frost in a Haunted House: Images of Frost in Emily Dickinson’s Poems장정우