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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Absent Fathers and Searching Sons in Sir DegaréEckert, Kenneth David
2006-12Acoustic study of the perceptual significance of F2 transition of [w] in English and Korean강현숙
2002-06The acquisition of Korean numeral classifiers by Korean/English bilingual children이다미
2004-03Acquisition of L2 Through Internet Chat이다미
2003-12Adaptation of English Words with Liquids into Korean강현숙
2017-08Adulthood, Power Games, and Making Faces in Kingsley Amis's Lucky JimEckert, Kenneth David
2000-02Affixation to English Loanword강현숙
2001-06Against a Lenition Account of Tapping: Evidence from Yonbyon Korean강현숙
2008-09Agree but not necessarily at the same time정대호
2004-10Analysis of paired Korean simultaneous interpretation for a speech given in English이태형
2016-12Boundary and pitch effects on the perception of Korean alveolar nasal강현숙
2015-09Chaucer's Boece and Rhetorical Process in the Wife of Bath's Bedside QuestioEckert, Kenneth David
2007-09Closure duration and pitch as phonetic cues to Korean stop identity in AP medial position: Production test강현숙
2007-12Closure duration and pitch as phonetic cues to Korean stop identity in AP-medial position: Perception test강현숙
2003-12Coherence and Cohesion in the Narratives of Korean EFL Learners김명희
2022-03Coleridge’s Excursion into His Past in “Frost at Midnight”: Writing as Consolation for Memory장정우
1999-12A Complement Analysis of the Head Internal Relative Clauses정대호
2000-09A Conjoined Constraint in Korean강현숙
2016-12Conversation between Leaves of Grass and Thus Spoke Zarathustra장정우
2017-02The Cultural Parturition of a Nation: Walt Whitman’s Birth Images and Maternal Language in Leaves of Grass장정우