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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Integrated approach for quantitative estimation of particulate organic carbon sources in a complex river system원은지
2021-07Integrated approach for quantitative estimation of particulate organic carbon sources in a complex river system원은지
2021-07Application of Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis in Environmental Forensic and Strategic Management Avenue for Pesticide Residues원은지
2021-07pH-controlled synthesis of sustainable lauric acid/SiO2 phase change material for scalable thermal energy storage지텐드라 쿠마 싱
2021-08Effect of core-shell ratio on the thermal energy storage capacity of SiO2 encapsulated lauric acid지텐드라 쿠마 싱
2021-08Role of air pollutant for deterioration of Taj Mahal by identifying corrosion products on surface of metals지텐드라 쿠마 싱
2021-09Assessment of biodegradable glycine and glutamic acid based ionic liquids as mild steel corrosion inhibitors in acid solution: an experimental and theoretical approach하산 르가즈
2021-09Polysulfone/Polyetherimide Ultrafiltration composite membranes constructed on a three-component Nylon-fiberglass-Nylon support for azo dyes removal: Experimental and molecular dynamics simulations하산 르가즈
2021-09Spectroscopic Insight into Tetrahedrally Distorted Square Planar Copper(II) Complex: XRD/HSA, Physicochemical, DFT, and Thermal Investigations하산 르가즈
2021-09Molecular modelling of compounds used for corrosion inhibition studies: a review하산 르가즈
2021-09Effect of Chloride Ions Concentrations to Breakdown the Passive Film on Rebar Surface Exposed to L-Arginine Containing Pore Solution지텐드라 쿠마 싱
2021-10Pseudo-analytical solutions for multi-species biofilm model of aerobic granular sludgeCUI FENGHAO
2021-10Hydrazone-based green corrosion inhibitors for API grade carbon steel in HCl: Insights from electrochemical, XPS, and computational studies하산 르가즈
2021-11Hemilability in neutral RuCl2(eta(1-PO)-O-boolean AND)(2)((NN)-N-boolean AND) complexes: Physicochemical, trans/cis-isomerization, thermal and A DFT/TD-DFT하산 르가즈
2021-11Electrochemical and theoretical performance of new synthetized pyrazole derivatives as promising corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acid environment: Molecular structure effect on efficiency하산 르가즈
2021-11Corrosion Inhibition Properties of Thiazolidinedione Derivatives for Copper in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Medium하산 르가즈
2021-11The effect of heterocyclization of 2-mercaptobenzimidazole on its strength of coordination to iron: A dispersion-corrected DFT study하산 르가즈
2021-12Role of Coating Processes on the Corrosion Kinetics and Mechanism of Zinc in Artificial Seawater지텐드라 쿠마 싱
2021-12Validation of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR in chemical exposed and at different age’s brackish water flea Diaphanosoma celebensis원은지
2021-12Aminomethylpyridazine isomers as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 1 M HCl: Electrochemical, DFT and Monte Carlo simulation studies하산 르가즈