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2022-04Synthesis of novel hybrid quinoxaline containing triazole and acetamide moieties by azide-alkyne click chemistry: Experimental and theoretical characterization하산 르가즈
2022-07Computational insights into quinoxaline-based corrosion inhibitors of steel in HCl: Quantum chemical analysis and QSPR-ANN studies하산 르가즈
2022-06Cupressus arizonica fruit essential oil: A novel green inhibitor for acid corrosion of carbon steel하산 르가즈
2022-08Experimental and first-principles DFT insights into the corrosion protection mechanism of carbon steel in an HCl medium by two thiazolidinedione compounds하산 르가즈
2022-06An environmentally friendly formulation based on Cannabis sativa L. seed oil for corrosion inhibition of E24 steel in HCl medium: Experimental and theoretical study하산 르가즈
2022-09Predicting protection capacities of pyrimidine-based corrosion inhibitors for mild steel/HCl interface using linear and nonlinear QSPR models하산 르가즈
2022-08Peanut shell from agricultural wastes as a sustainable filler for polyamide biocomposites fabrication하산 르가즈
2022-06Efficient Adsorption Removal of an Anionic Azo Dye by Lignocellulosic Waste Material and Sludge Recycling into Combustible Briquettes하산 르가즈
2022-07Designing new donors organic compounds with IDIC core for photovoltaic application하산 르가즈
2022-12Superior Long-Term Corrosion Inhibition of N80 Steel by New Eco- friendly Hydrazone-Based Compounds in a Simulated Oil Well Acidizing Environment: Establishing the Mechanism at the Molecular Level하산 르가즈