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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07The Green Infrastructure Assessment System (GIAS) and Its Applications for Urban Development and Management이동우
2019-08A dietary vegetable, Moringa oleifera leaves (drumstick tree) induced fat cell apoptosis by inhibiting adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 adipocytesPERUMALSAMY HARIBALAN
2019-08Information status and prosodic prominence as perceived by Korean learners of English임수연
2019-08Low-profile wideband circularly polarized MIMO antenna with polarization diversity for WLAN applicationsTu Tuan LE
2019-083.1운동 전후 조선인의 군사적 이용에 관한 일본 육군 내 논의박완
2019-08Efficient synthesis of N-methyltetranitropyrrole: A stable, insensitive and high energy melt-castable materialBIJIGIRI SATHISH KUMAR
2019-08Poling tuning: A plausible solution for minimizing microphony and secondary pyroelectric coefficient in ferroelectricsAnuruddh Kumar
2019-09Nature inspired ZnO/ZnS nanobranch-like composites, decorated with Cu(OH)2 clusters for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionPUTTASWAMY MADHUSUDAN
2019-09제1차 세계대전 후의 일본 황실의 위기와 육군의 대응박완
2019-10Characterization of a glucose tolerant beta glucosidase from Aspergillus unguis with high potential as a blend-in for biomass hydrolyzing enzyme cocktailsAmith Abraham
2019-10A Quad-Band Dual-Sense Circularly-Polarized Square-Ring Antenna for Multi-Functional Wireless ApplicationsLE Tu Tuan
2019-10Emerging Complexity and the Need for Advanced Drug Delivery in Targeting Candida SpeciesPERUMALSAMY HARIBALAN
2019-12Antiviral effects and possible mechanisms of action of constituents from Brazilian propolis and related compoundsPERUMALSAMY HARIBALAN
2019-12Encapsulation of Phase-Changing Eutectic Salts in Magnesium Oxide Fibers for High-Temperature Carbon Dioxide Capture: Beyond the Capacity–Stability Tradeoff히레마스 비슈어나드
2019-12Single-electrode triboelectric nanogenerator based on economical graphite coated paper for harvesting waste environmental energyPUTTASWAMY MADHUSUDAN
2019-12One-pot synthesis of benzotripyrrole derivatives from 1H-pyrrolesBIJIGIRI SATHISH KUMAR
2019-12Word class information in perception of prosodic prominence by Korean learners of English임수연
2019-11Stochastic Electrochemical Cytometry of Human Platelets via a Particle Collision ApproachGERELKHUUZAYAKHUU
2021-02Biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using marine microbe (Vibrio alginolyticus) and its anticancer and antioxidant analysisPERUMALSAMY HARIBALAN
2021-02An investigation on laser welding parameters on strength of TRIP steelPUTTASWAMY MADHUSUDAN