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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Characterization and Validation of an "Acute Aerobic Exercise Load" as a Tool to Assess Antioxidative and Anti-inflammatory Nutrition in Healthy Subjects Using a Statistically Integrated Approach in a Comprehensive Clinical Trial최성경
2019-11Molecular Diagnosis of Craniosynostosis Using Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing최성경
2019-11HisCoM-PAGE: Hierarchical Structural Component Models for Pathway Analysis of Gene Expression Data최성경
2021-07Emergent behaviors of Cucker-Smale flocks on a Riemannian manifolds김도헌
2021-07Binary segmentation procedures using the bivariate binomial distribution for detecting streakiness in sports data김성욱
2021-08Stationary BGK models for chemically reacting gas in a slab김도헌
2021-10Unraveling the Genomic Architecture of the CYP3A Locus and ADME Genes for Personalized Tacrolimus Dosing최성경
2019-12Emergence of stochastic flocking for the discrete Cucker-Smale model with randomly switching topologies김도헌
2021-05Fuzzy Study on the Winning Rate of Football Game Betting이우주
2021-02Convergence and error estimates for time-discrete consensus-based optimization algorithms김도헌
2021-01Collective aggregation of a linearly coupled stochastic Cucker-Smale ensemble on asymmetric networks김도헌
2021-03On the positivity of an auxiliary function of the BGK model for slow chemical reactions김도헌
2021-04이상치에 따른 불확실성에 관한 연구정혜영
2021-05Uniform error estimates for the random batch method to the first-order consensus models with antisymmetric interaction kernels김도헌
1999-11Littlewood-Paley Type Estimates for Besov Spaces on a Cube by Wavelet Coefficients김대경
1999-12A note on M-groups왕문옥
2021-10Low-Rank Estimation for Image Denoising Using Fractional-Order Gradient-Based Similarity Measure김대경
2021-08이상치에 따른 불확실성에 관한 연구정혜영
2021-01Mixed Noise Removal Using Adaptive Median Based Non-Local Rank Minimization김대경
2021-02Impacts of public medical insurance reforms on households: An application of fuzzy cognitive map for scenario evaluation정혜영