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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Coherence and Entanglement Dynamics in Training Variational Quantum Perceptron권영헌
2020-12Understanding of Various Type of Unambiguous Discrimination in View of Coherence Distribution권영헌
2020-07Anisotropic temperature effects on Landau damping in Kappa-Maxwellian astrophysical plasmas정영대
2020-07Effect of Coulomb Focusing on the Electron-Atom Bremsstrahlung Cross Section for Tungsten and Iron in Nonthermal Lorentzian Plasmas정영대
2020-08Characteristics of Shannon's Information Entropy of Atomic States in Strongly Coupled Plasma정영대
2020-08Wigner Time-Delay and Distribution for Polarization Interaction in Strongly Coupled Semiclassical Plasmas정영대
2020-04Highly stable, solution-processed quaternary oxide thin film-based resistive switching random access memory devices via global and local stoichiometric manipulation strategy강보수
2020-05Effect of wake-up on the polarization switching dynamics of Si doped HfO2 thin films with imprint강보수
2020-05Generalized sequential state discrimination for multiparty QKD and its optical implementation권영헌
2020-01Space charge waves in plasma waveguides with arbitrary electron degeneracy정영대
2020-01Influence of non-spherical dust grains on the growing of astrophysical dusty plasma waves with ( r, q ) distribution function정영대
2020-01Unstable electrostatic surface waves in a turbulent plasma containing streaming ions: transverse truncation approach정영대
2020-02Characteristics of Nonthermal Dupree Diffusion on Space-Charge Wave in a Kappa Distribution Plasma Column with Turbulent Diffusion정영대
2020-02Synchronization of active rotators interacting with environment손승우
2000-07Coarse-graining the Nambu-Goto Strings홍주유
2000-07Resonant Compton Scattering of Photons dy Hydrogenic Ions in strongly Coupled Plasmas정영대
2000-07Inelastic Compton scattering of photons by bound atomic electrons in weakly coupled plasmas정영대
2000-07Dynamic orientation for electron-ion collisional excitation in a Maxwellian plasma정영대
2000-07Effect of heating rate on the sintering behavior and the dielectric properties of Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 ceramics prepared by Boron-containing liquid-phase sintering김옥경
1999-08Resonant Compton Scattering of Photons from Bound Electrons in Weakly Coupled Plasmas정영대