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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-09Quantum effects on ion-ion collisions in semiclassical plasmas정영대
2001-09The Kondo effect in an artificial quantum dot molecule정희준
2001-09Quantum screening effects on nonrelativistic electron-ion bremsstrahlung process in two-component plasmas정영대
2001-10Coulomb correction effects on bremsstrahlung spectra from non-Maxwellian plasmas정영대
2001-01Electron-impact ionization in classical nonideal plasmas정영대
2001-02Quantum-mechanical effects on eikonal cross section for elastic electron-ion collisions in dense high-temperature plasmas정영대
2001-02193nm 화학 증폭형 감광제 시뮬레이션을 위한 노광후 지연 효과에 대한 연구오혜근
2001-02193nm용 화학 증폭형 감광제의 노광 후 열처리 과정중 두께 변화에 관한 연구오혜근
2001-02이중음소 모델에 기초한 대용량 음성인식권영헌
2001-02대용량어휘를 기반으로한 화자적응알고리즘권영헌
2001-03Quantum-mechanical effects on low energy electron-ion Coulomb bremsstrahlung in dence high-temperature plasmas정영대
2001-03Post Exposure Delay Consideration in 193 nm Chemically Amplified Resist오혜근
2001-03초음파 분무 증착법으로 제조한 (Ba,Sr)RuO3 산화물 전극의 증착 특성김옥경
2001-05Quantum-mechanical effects on semiclassical electron captures by protons from hydrogenic ions in dense high-temperature plasmas정영대
2001-06Quantum effects on elastic collisions a two-component plasma정영대
2001-06Landau damping effects on classical electron–ion Coulomb bremsstrahlung in dense plasmas정영대
2001-06K-shell photoionizations in classical nonideal plasmas정영대
2001-06Resonant Compton scattering of photons from hydrogenic ions in nonideal plasmas.정영대
2001-06New speaker recognition feature using correlation dimension권영헌
2001-06speech enhancement using adaptive wavelet shrinkage권영헌