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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01Targeting of noncoding RNAs encoded by a novel MYC enhancers inhibits the proliferation of human hepatic carcinoma cells in vitroBert Binas
2014-07A high-affinity protein binder that blocks the IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway effectively suppresses non-small cell lung cancer양철수
2015-02Small heterodimer partner interacts with NLRP3 and negatively regulates activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome양철수
2015-06MicroRNA-125a Inhibits Autophagy Activation and Antimicrobial Responses during Mycobacterial Infection양철수
2015-07Orphan Nuclear Receptor ERR alpha Controls Macrophage Metabolic Signaling and A20 Expression to Negatively Regulate TLR-Induced Inflammation양철수
2015-11Dual transcriptome sequencing reveals resistance of TLR4 ligand-activated bone marrow-derived macrophages to inflammation mediated by the BET inhibitor JQ1양철수
2016-01Toxoplasma gondii GRA7-Induced TRAF6 Activation Contributes to Host Protective Immunity양철수
2016-05The targeted delivery of the c-Src peptide complexed with schizophyllan to macrophages inhibits polymicrobial sepsis and ulcerative colitis in mice양철수
2016-09Peptide inhibition of p22phox and Rubicon interaction as a therapeutic strategy for septic shock양철수
2016-09Effective suppression of C5a-induced proinflammatory response using anti-human C5a repebody양철수
2016-10RNAi-mediated silencing of TNF-alpha converting enzyme to down-regulate soluble TNF-alpha production for treatment of acute and chronic colitis양철수
2017-01Toxoplasma gondii GRA7-Targeted ASC and PLD1 Promote Antibacterial Host Defense via PKC alpha양철수
2017-01Gut commensal Bacteroides acidifaciens prevents obesity and improves insulin sensitivity in mice양철수
2017-01MIR144* inhibits antimicrobial responses against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in human monocytes and macrophages by targeting the autophagy protein DRAM2양철수
2017-01Mycobacterium abscessus ESX-3 plays an important role in host inflammatory and pathological responses during infection양철수
2017-03Advancing host-directed therapy for tuberculosis: new therapeutic insights from the Toxoplasma gondii양철수
2017-04PPAR-alpha Activation Mediates Innate Host Defense through Induction of TFEB and Lipid Catabolism양철수
2017-09Activity of LCB01-0371, a Novel Oxazolidinone, against Mycobacterium abscessus양철수
2017-09Host-Directed Therapeutics as a Novel Approach for Tuberculosis Treatment양철수
2017-11Dense Granule Protein-7 (GRA-7) of Toxoplasma gondii inhibits viral replication in vitro and in vivo양철수