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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-07A 10-Gb/s planar InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode with a thin multiplication layer fabricated by using recess-etching and single-diffusion processes심종인
2004-0810Gb/s XFP Transceiver용 Transmitter Optical Sub-assembly(TOSA)의 RF설계/제작 및 주파수 특성 해석심종인
2006-03(13)C 추적자를 사용한 시화호 상류역에서 식물플랑크톤 크기에 따른 1차생산성 측정에 관한 연구신경훈
2019-0913C 추적자를 이용한 팔당호 수변역 부유 및 부착조류의 일차생산력과 광합성 색소 생산속도 연구신경훈
2008-12A 2-D Layered Metal-Organic Framework Constructed by Using a Hexanuclear Manganese Metallamacrocycle as a Supramolecular Building Block나명수
2004-122-Oxyglutaric acid 를 함유한 생분해성 지방족 폴리에스테르의 합성과 물성김동국
2008-1122 nm 1:1 line and space patterning by using double patterning and resist reflow process오혜근
2008-0222 nm node contact hole formation in extreme ultra-violet lithography오혜근
2019-063,6-Di(4-aminophenyl)pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-(2H,5H)-dione의 합성과 화학적 반응성강용한
2008-0132 nm 1:1 Line and Space Patterning by Resist Reflow Process오혜근
2008-0332 nm 1:1 line and space patterning by resist reflow process정희준
2008-0232 nm 1:1 line and space patterning by resist reflow process안일신
2008-0232 nm 1:1 line and space patterning by resist reflow process오혜근
2007-0232 nm pattern collapse modeling with radial distance and rinse speed오혜근
2007-0832nm Pattern Collapse Modeling with Radial Distance and Rinse Speed오혜근
2007-043차원 회로 모델링을 이용한 청색 GaN/InGaN LED의 전류 확산 효과에 관한 연구심종인
2016-115-HT7 receptor modulators: Amino groups attached to biphenyl scaffold determine functional activity민선준
2016-0750 kHz bottom backscattering measurements from two types of artificially roughened sandy bottoms최지웅
2005-06Abnormal APP, cholinergic and cognitive function in Ts65Dn Down`s model mice서혜명
2018-12Accumulation and exposure assessment of persistent chlorinated and fluorinated contaminants in Korean birds문효방