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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-12Fast multiple target tracking using particle filtersMusicki, Darko
2005-12Target Existence Based MHTMusicki, Darko
2005-12Joint Integrated PDA Avoiding Track CoalescenceMusicki, Darko
2006-07Measurement Gaussian Sum Mixture Target TrackingMusicki, Darko
2006-07Track Score and Target ExistenceMusicki, Darko
2006-07Joint Integrated PDA Avoiding Track Coalescence under Non Homogeneous Clutter DensityMusicki, Darko
2006-07Adaptive Target Tracking in Slowly Changing ClutterMusicki, Darko
2006-07Enhanced Tracking Performance with Signal Amplitude Information of Sensor NetworksMusicki, Darko
2006-07A Fixed Lag IPDA Smoothing for Target Tracking in ClutterMusicki, Darko
2006-05Efficient Active Sonar Multitarget TrackingMusicki, Darko
2007-12Fast Track Confirmation for Multi-Target Tracking with Doppler MeasurementsMusicki, Darko
2007-10The Integrated Track Splitting Filter - Efficient Multi-Scan Single Target Tracking in ClutterMusicki, Darko
2007-07Target Tracking Using Energy Based DetectionsMusicki, Darko
2007-07Target Existence Based Resource AllocationMusicki, Darko
2007-07Track Management and PMHTMusicki, Darko
2007-07Measurement Association for Emitter Geolocation with Two UAVsMusicki, Darko
2007-07Recursive Estimation of Emitter Location using TDOA Measurements from Two UAVsMusicki, Darko
2007-07Track Fusion using Equivalent InnovationsMusicki, Darko
2007-04Low elevation sea-surface target tracking using IPDA type filtersMusicki, Darko
2007-02Enhanced Multi Target Tracking with Doppler MeasurementsMusicki, Darko