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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04Decision and Event-Based Fixed-Time Consensus Control for Electromagnetic Source Localization최영진
2022-04High dv/dt immunity, high insulation voltage, ultra-compact, inductive power supply for gate-drivers of wide-bandgap semiconductor switches김성민
2021-09Improved Neutral-Point Voltage Balancing Control With Time Delay Compensation and Antiwindup Loop for a Three-Level NPC Inverter김성민
2021-09Calculation Methodology of Complex Permeability for Various Magnetic Materials이은수
2021-09Wireless Power Supply Design for Precharging Circuit of SST in Railway Vehicles이은수
2021-09Fault Coverage Re-Evaluation of Memory Test Algorithms With Physical Memory Characteristics백상현
2021-09Modulated Model Predictive Current Control of HERIC AFE Converter Equipped with LCL Filter이은수
2021-09Exciton-Dominated Ultrafast Optical Response in Atomically Thin PtSe2심상완
2021-09A Three-Fingered Adaptive Gripper with Multiple Grasping Modes이병주
2021-11A Comparative Evaluation of a Single and Stereo Lighthouse System for 3D Estimation이성온
2021-10Controller Design of Synchronous Rectifier for Uniformly Wireless Power Delivery of Multiple Rx Coils이은수
2021-10Design and Analysis of Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker for LVDC Grid Systems김성민
2021-10Proprioceptive Soft Pneumatic Gripper for Extreme Environments Using Hybrid Optical Fibers최영진
2021-10Distributed fusion in harsh environments using multiple bearings-only sensors with out-of-sequence-refined measurements송택렬
2021-10Exploitations of Multiple Rows Hammering and Retention Time Interactions in DRAM Using X-Ray Radiation백상현
2021-10Calculation Method of Allowable Continuous Current for Direct Burial Laying HVDC Underground Cable이방욱
2021-10Metal-insulator transition and interfacial thermal transport in atomic layer deposited Ru nanofilms characterized by ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy심상완
2021-10Modeling and online adaptation of ALOHA for low power wide area networks (LPWAN)Hu Jin
2021-10Development of EMG-FMG Based Prosthesis With PVDF-Film Vibrational Feedback Control최영진
2021-10Development of a Parallel Robotic Positioning System With Specific Workspace for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation이성온