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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07Robust Localization System Using Vector Combination in Wireless Sensor Networks남해운
2023-02OPEMI: Online Performance Evaluation Metrics Index for Deep Learning-Based Autonomous Vehicles남해운
2022-02Detection and Spatial Correlation Analysis of Infectious Diseases Using Wireless Body Area Network Under Imperfect Wireless Channel남해운
2023-03Optimization of Spectrum Utilization Efficiency in Cognitive Radio Networks남해운
2011-08Efficient scheduling request algorithm for opportunistic wireless access남해운
2015-02Soft Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Performance Under Imperfect and Non Identical Reporting Channels남해운
2016-09특이값 분해를 이용한 블라인드부분 간격 등화기남해운
2017-08협력 인지통신 네트워크에서비균등 양자화 기반의 에너지 검파 성능남해운
2018-02QoS 기반 저전력 블루투스스케줄링 기법남해운
2018-11이기종 사용자 기반 협력스펙트럼 감지를 위한 적응형그룹화 알고리즘남해운
2018-12SDR 플랫폼을 이용한 NTSC 표준 기반의 TV 송신기 구현남해운
2019-01A Parallel Multi-Channel Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks남해운
2022-04A Steganography Model Data Protection Method Based on Scrambling Encryption남해운
2022-12전자전 환경에서 전이학습 기반 저피탐 레이더 변조 신호 분류 성능 분석남해운
2008-01수동적 인터넷 측정을 위한 샘플링 기법 비교:사례 연구를 통한 검증김정현
2008-09Temperature compensating bias circuit for GaAsHBT RF power amplifiers with stage bypass architecture김정현
2009-10A Highly Efficient GaAs HBT MMIC Balanced Power Amplifier for W-CDMA Handset Applications김정현
2009-10Fully integrated 3 x 3 mm BiFET stage-bypass power amplifier for WCDMA handset application김정현
2009-12Helix on Pad-Type Ultra Small-Size Power Amplifiers for WCDMA Handset Applications김정현
2010-02Fully Integrated HBT MMIC Series-Type Extended Doherty Amplifier for W-CDMA Handset Applications김정현