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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07Resource-Optimized Recursive Access Class Barring for Bursty Traffic in Cellular IoT NetworksHu Jin
2021-08A Privacy-Preserving Payment Model for EV Charging서승현
2021-08Echo-Guard: Acoustic-based Anomaly Detection System for Smart Manufacturing Environments서승현
2021-07수동 센서 시스템을 위한 강인 표적 추적 기법최영진
2021-07A User-Driven Approach to Prosthetic Upper Limb Development in Korea최영진
2021-07Two-Factor Device DNA-Based Fuzzy Vault for Industrial IoT Device Security서승현
2021-07Joint Queue-Aware and Channel-Aware Scheduling for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access이주현
2021-07진공 인터럽터 절연성능 확보를 위한 컨디셔닝 기술 연구이방욱
2021-07기중 이격 거리에 따른 저압 소전류 직류 아크 특성 분석 연구이방욱
2021-07± 200 kV HVDC 컨버터 벨브 유닛의 절연설계 프로세스에 대한 연구이방욱
2021-07AC-DC 중첩전압 하에서 주파수 가변에 따른 오일 함침 프레스보드의 절연파괴 특성이방욱
2021-07블랙박스 아크 모델을 활용한 저압 직류 차단기의 차단 성능 예측 시뮬레이션 연구이방욱
2021-07Development of a New 2-DOF Wrist Mechanism Using Reverse Motion Transmission이병주
2021-08Comments on “Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide-Fed Array Antenna Covering 57–71 GHz Band for 5G Applications”장태환
2021-08An Integrated Transformer Design With a Center-Core Air-Gap for DAB Converters이은수
2021-08Development of EMG-FMG Based Prosthesis With PVDF-Film Vibrational Feedback Control김성민
2021-08Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Throughput Prediction이주현
2021-01Optimal Number of Turns Design of the IPT Coils for Laptop Wireless Charging이은수
2021-04Wideband Phase-Compensated VGA with PMOS Switch in 40-nm CMOS for 120-GHz Band장태환
2021-06DNA-Helix Inspired Wire Routing in Cylindrical Structures and Its Application to Flexible Surgical Devices이병주