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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Merging Strategy on Cluster-based MDS Algorithm for Nodes Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks남해운
2020-10Comparison of CNN Architectures using RP Algorithm for Burst Signal Detection남해운
2020-10Wideband spectrum sensing using low-power IoT device남해운
2020-10Design of a Novel Low-Cost Consequent-Pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine권병일
2020-10Investigation of electrical performance and operation stability of RF-sputtered InSnZnO thin film transistors by oxygen-ambient rapid thermal annealing오새룬터
2020-10Development of a Spherical 2-DOF Wrist Employing Spatial Parallelogram Structure이병주
2020-10Strain effect on performance of multi-stacked gate-all-around CMOS inverters오새룬터
2020-10Model-Based Test Case Prioritization Using an Alternating Variable Method for Regression Testing of a UML-Based Model임동진
2020-11Development of a new 3T1R type cable-driven haptic device이병주
2020-11Multisensor distributed out-of-sequence-tracks fusion with track origin uncertainty송택렬
2020-11Black-box 아크 모델의 비선형 특성을 활용한 고체 절연물 내 보이드에 의한 부분방전 해석모델 개발이방욱
2020-11Practical Implementation of an OPC UA TSN Communication Architecture for a Manufacturing System홍승호
2020-11±500kV DC GIS 스페이서의 절연 설계법에 대한 연구이방욱
2020-11아크 특성 매개변수를 고려한 Habedank 아크 모델의 저압 직류 차단기 적용성 평가이방욱
2020-11극성반전 시 온도조건을 고려한 케이블 구조의 LDPE 내 공간전하 거동 분석이방욱
2020-11Black-box 아크 모델의 비선형 특성을 활용한 고체 절연물 내 보이드에 의한 부분방전 해석모델 개발이방욱
2020-11가속열화에 따른 MI-PPLP의 DC BDV 및 DC PDIV의 관계이방욱
2020-11Asymptotic Capacity Allocation for an Out-of-Cell User in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access With Coordinated Direct and Relay Transmission김동우
2020-11Wide-Speed Range Operation of PM Vernier Machines Using Wye and Wye-Delta Winding Configurations권병일
2020-1160-V Non-Inverting Four-Mode Buck-Boost Converter With Bootstrap Sharing for Non-Switching Power Transistors노정진