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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01A Survey on 4G-5G Dual Connectivity: Road to 5G ImplementationHu Jin
2021-01Analysis of Two-Step Random Access Procedure for Cellular Ultra-Reliable Low Latency CommunicationsHu Jin
2021-01Efficient Charge Separation in Ppy/GaN Nanorods Based Hybrid Heterojunction for High Performance Self-Powered UV Photodetection오재응
2021-01Assessing the Feasibility of Game-Theory-Based Demand Response Management by Practical Implementation홍승호
2021-01Particle Filtering Based Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Electromagnetic Coil Insulation홍승호
2021-01Opposite behavior of ultrafast dynamics of exciton shift and linewidth broadening in bilayer ReS2심상완
2021-01Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium Batteries Based on Extended Kalman Particle Filter홍승호
2021-01Learning to Schedule Network Resources Throughput and Delay Optimally Using Q+-Learning이주현
2021-02Design framework for a seamless smart glove using a digital knitting system최영진
2021-02섬유형 정전용량 센서를 이용한 로봇 핸드의 촉각 감지 시스템최영진
2021-02블루투스 4.0 통신을 이용한 모바일 휠체어 제어에 관한 연구최영진
2021-02가변 형상을 갖는 텐세그리티 기반 이륜 이동로봇최영진
2021-02높은 기어 감속비를 가진 로봇 관절을 위한 컨볼루션 기반 정점 규제 제어최영진
2021-02Current–voltage characteristics and deep-level study of GaN nanorod Schottky-diode-based photodetector오재응
2021-02Real-time fault detection system for large scale grid integrated solar photovoltaic power plants이방욱
2021-02Two-stream small-scale pedestrian detection network with feature aggregation for drone-view videos신현철
2021-023D object detection using Frustums and attention modules for images and point clouds신현철
2021-02A Knitted Sensing Glove for Human Hand Postures Pattern Recognition최영진
2021-02Ultrahigh Deep-Ultraviolet Responsivity of a beta-Ga2O3/MgO Heterostructure-Based Phototransistor심상완
2021-02RandomForest와 XGBoost를 활용한 유방암 종양 분류남해운