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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01Preparation of h-BN microspheres for nanocomposites with high through-plane thermal conductivity조홍백
2023-10-10Fabrication of H-shaped structure magnetorheological elastomer film for enhancing electrical properties by AC electric field조홍백
2023-10-15Contrasting photocatalytic performance of quantum-dot sensitized p-type and n-type TiO2 hierarchical nanocomposites under visible light박태주
2023-05-26Recent strategies for constructing hierarchical multicomponent nanoparticles/metal-organic framework hybrids and their applications유효종
2023-09High mass-loading of nickel-cobalt layered double hydroxide on 3D-printed electrode for cathode of asymmetric supercapacitor유효종
2023-09-18Polymer-Based Thermally Stable Chemiresistive Sensor for Real-Time Monitoring of NO2 Gas Emission김동하
2023-09-23Flashlight Sintering Characteristics of the Inkjet‑Printed Nanosized Copper Ink on an Auxiliary Heated Paper Substrate이선영
2023-10-06Flash-Thermal Shock Synthesis of Single Atoms in Ambient Air김동하
2023-06-28Casting microstructure and phase-specific deformation behavior of Ti-20Ni alloy containing Ti2Ni phase김진경
2023-04-25Lithium plating-free 1 Ah-level high-voltage lithium-ion pouch battery via ambi-functional pentaerythritol disulfate조국영
2023-06-28Casting microstructure and phase-specific deformation behavior of Ti-20Ni alloy containing Ti2Ni phase박주현
2023-06-26Dual-Supporter and Dual-Salt Strategy for Solid Polymer Electrolyte with High Ionic Conductivity and Elastic Toughness이화성
2023-08-15Enhancing the performance of Ni-rich lithium metal batteries through the utilization of amine-functionalized 1D/3D nano shields and additives in high-voltage operation조국영
2023-08-01Predicting of tunneling resistivity between adjacent nanosheets in graphene–polymer systems장영욱
2023-08-22Flash-Thermal Shock Synthesis of High-Entropy Alloys Toward High-Performance Water Splitting김동하
2023-08High-performance rare-earth hard magnetic nanoparticles via the calciothermic reduction and chemoselective dissolution좌용호
2024-04-19Advanced Multiparallel-Connected Piezoresistive Physical Sensors: Elevating Performance Reliability of Flexible Strain and Pressure Sensors이화성
2024-05-01Fabrication and photocatalytic activity of reduced dendritic fibrous nanotitania유효종
2023-11-27Optimization Method for Conductance Modulation in Ferroelectric Transistor for Neuromorphic Computing안지훈
2024-05-15Highly area-selective atomic layer deposition of device-quality Hf1-xZrxO2 thin films through catalytic local activation안지훈